How Much is Clark Kellogg Net Worth And Salary From NBA?

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For the outstanding performance in the field of basketball in the early years of their life, the person who will be remembered forever, Clark Kellogg, is one of them. His NBA life and school life both are glorious. He is a retired American basketball player. During his career in the field of basketball, he gained lots of awards, fame, and wealth. He has a lot of fans for his attractive career in the NBA. They are curious about his life. In this article, we discussed the life events of this prominent player. Let’s take a dive. 

How tall is Clark Kellogg? Know His Weight & Age

The height of Clark Kellogg is 6ft 7 inches. His weight is 102 kg. In the field of basketball, his playing position was the power forward. He was fitted to that position. Playing in this position, he favored his team in the winning of lots of matches, and he individually gained success.

Full Name:Clark Clifton Kellogg Jr.
Birth:July 2, 1961, in Ohio, USA
Profession:Former NBA Player
College Education:Ohio State University
Wife/Girlfriend:Rosy Kellogg
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team
  • Mr. Basketball USA
  • First-team Parade All-American
  • McDonald’s All-American
Height:6ft 7 inches 
Weight:102 kg
Jersey Number:33
Current Age:60 Years

He was seen in the field of the NBA, wearing jersey number 33. It was the alternative name of this man. His fans could easily trace him with this number. They still miss this jersey in the field of basketball and want to see him again in that one.

He is still alive, and his age is 60 years now.

Early Life

Clark Kellogg total worthClark Kellogg saw the world for the first time on July 2, 1961, in Cleveland, Ohio. The full name is Clark Clifton Kellogg Jr. 

He inserted his name into the list of basketball players from the early of his life. In his school life, he went to the Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School in Cleveland, Ohio. The school life was glorious for the impressive performances. He is regarded as one of the finest players in Cleveland. During his school career in basketball, he scored 51 points and 24 rebounds in the state championship. His 51 points game is still in the record of the final of the state championship.  

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His college career with basketball began at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. During his college life, he played for the Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball team. He studied here from 1979 to 1982. During the tenure of his college career, he was titled with the Most Valuable Player honors. 

Professional NBA Career

He started to climb up the tree of professional basketball in 1982, and he came down in 1987. The entire career of the NBA was with the Indiana Pacers

 In the 1982 NBA draft, Indiana Pacers chose him in 8th overall for the first round. In his NBA career, he scored 4918 points on average, 18.9 ppg, 2482 Rebounds on average, 9.5 RPG, 764 Assists on average 2.9 APG.

Clark Kellogg Net Worth 2023

The net worth of this prominent NBA player is $2 million. His salary is now $400 thousand. Most of the wealth in his life is from the earnings of his professional life.


In 1983, he was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. Terry Cummings, Dominique Wilkins, and James Worthy were also named to that First Team. In 1979, he was named Mr. Basketball USA. In 1979, he was named to the First-team Parade All-American. In the same year, he became a McDonald’s All-American.

Clark Kellogg Wife, Sons & Daughter

Clark Kellogg salaryIn 1983, Clark Kellogg took Rosy Kellogg as the partner for his conjugal life. In 1985, he was converted to Christianity. The conjugal life of Clark Kellogg and Rosy Kellogg was blessed with two sons and one daughter. They are Alex and Nick and Talisa. His son Nick is also a basketball player. He played basketball for Ohio University. His daughter is a volleyball player. She played Division I volleyball at Georgia Tech.

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