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In the history of basketball, the man who was greatly successful in American and in European basketball with his spectacle career is Dominique Wilkins. He is a retired French-born American basketball player. What is Dominique Wilkins nickname? He is mostly known to all as the “The Human Highlight Film.” 

During his career, he achieved lots of awards and success. His dazzling career in the field of basketball gifted him fame, wealth, and lots of fans. In recognition of his great career in the field of basketball, his name was inserted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2006. His fans are curious about his life. In this article, all of the life events, including Dominique Wilkins net worth, are discussed. Let’s take a dive.

Dominique Wilkins Family

Where was Dominique Wilkins born? He was born on January 12, 1960, in Paris, France. The full name of Dominique Wilkins is Jacques Dominique Wilkins. His father, John Wilkins, was a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. Gertrude Baker was his mother.

His career in basketball began early in life. In his school life, he went to the Beaufort County Schools in Beaufort County, North Carolina.

Dominique Wilkins College Education

What college did Dominique Wilkins go to? His college life began at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. During his college tenure, he played for the Georgia Bulldogs basketball program. He played in his college from 1979 to 1982. Both his school and college life were glorious as he achieved a lot of awards and fame with flourishing performance.

NBA League Career

Dominique Wilkins entered the playground of professional basketball in 1982. But when did Dominique Wilkins retire? He left the playground for the last time in 1999.

He played in the NBA and in Europe in his long-term professional career. But what teams did Dominique Wilkins play for? He played with the Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics, Panathinaikos, San Antonio Spurs, Fortitudo Bologna, and Orlando Magic. But when was Dominique Wilkins drafted? In the 1982 NBA draft, he was selected by the Utah Jazz in 3rd overall for the first round.

He scored 26668 points on average, 24.8 ppg, 7167 Rebounds on average, 6.7 RPG, and 2677 Assists on average 2.5 APG.


NBA success

From 1996 to 1994, he became the NBA All-Star nine times. In 1986 he was named to the All-NBA First Team. 1987, 1988, 1991, and 1993, he was named to the All-NBA Second Team four times. From 1989 to 1994, he was named to the All-NBA Third Team two times. In 1983, he was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. In 1986, he became the NBA scoring champion. 1985, 1990, two times, he was the part of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion. 

For his amazing success in the field of the NBA, he was inducted into the NBA 75th Anniversary Team along with SHAQUILLE O’NEAL, PATRICK EWING,

European Basketball Success

In 1996 he was part of the EuroLeague champion. He won the status of the EuroLeague Final Four MVP, Greek All-Star Game MVP, Greek Cup winner, Greek Cup Finals Top Scorer, and Greek Cup Finals MVP. In 1997, he made it to the Italian All-Star Game. He was part of the winning team of the Italian Cup-1998. 

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Awards- How good was Dominique Wilkins?

In 1982, he was named to the Second-team All-American – NABC, UPI, and Third-team All-American – AP. In 1981, he won the status of SEC Player of the Year and SEC Tournament MVP. He was also named the McDonald’s All-American First-team Parade All-American.

Is Dominique Wilkins in the Hall of Fame? For his glorious career in the NBA and college life, the name of this prominent player was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a player and College Basketball Hall of Fame.

Is Dominique Wilkins married?

Dominique Wilkins total worthSo who is Dominique Wilkins married to? He took Nicole Berry as a partner in his conjugal life in 1992, and the relationship lasted till 2003. In 2003 they were separated. The conjugal life of Dominique Wilkins and Nicole Berry was blessed with four daughters. They have four daughters: Danielle, Chloe, Alesandra, & Aiysha Wilkins. 

In 2006, he sat for the marriage with Robin Campbell Wilkins. In the family of Dominique Wilkins and Robin Campbell Wilkins, they have a son named Jacob Dominique. Another wife of his is Sunny Wilkins.

Total Salary Accumulation Chart:

Total Career Earnings From Salary:$16.5 Million
Salary From Orlando Magic:$1.25 Million
Salary From San Antonio Spurs:$247,500
Earnings From Boston Celtics Club:$2.8 Million
Total Salary From Atlanta Hawks:$12 Million
Spendings:Car, Residence, Business

Dominique Wilkins Position, Height, Age & Weight

Dominique Wilkins is tall, up to 6ft 8 inches. His weight is 98 KG. What position did Dominique Wilkins play? The playing position of this man in the basketball playground was a point guard. Playing in the small forward position, he gained fame and many awards. He wore jerseys number 21 and 12. Both numbers of jerseys were familiar to all of the well-wishers of this man. Is Dominique Wilkins dead? No, he is still alive, and he is 62 years old now.

Dominique Wilkins Net Worth- $16 Million

Dominique Wilkins Career Earnings: The net worth of this great basketball player is $16 million. His amazing career in the NBA and Euroleague favored him to be a wealthy man. Most of his life’s assets are from his basketball career income.

Quick Bio/Wiki:

Birth:January 12, 1960, in Paris, France
Mother:Gertrude Baker
Father:John Wilkins
College Education:University of Georgia
Wife/Girlfriend:Nicole Berry, Campbell Wilkins, Sunny Wilkins (Current)
Debut Team:Atlanta Hawks
Total Points:26,668
Total Rebounds:7,167
Assists on average:2,677
  • Second-team All-American – NABC
  • Third-team All-American – AP
  • SEC Player of the Year
  • SEC Tournament MVP
  • McDonald’s All-American
  • First-team Parade All-American
  • Basketball Hall of Fame
Height:6ft 8 inches
Weight:98 KG
Current Age:62 years


  • Is Dominique Wilkins a member of omega psi phi?

Yes, Dominique Wilkins is an honorable member of Omega Psi Phi

  • Was Dominique Wilkins on the dream team?

No, Dominique Wilkins was not in the dream team.

  • Where does Dominique Wilkins live now?

He is now in Atlanta City in Georgia, USA.

  • Does Dominique Wilkins have a championship ring?

Unfortunately, Dominique Wilkins doesn’t have any NBA champion ring.

  • Does Dominique Wilkins have diabetes?

Yes, Dominique Wilkins is suffering from type 2 diabetes.

  • How much is a Dominique Wilkins basketball card worth?

$1.50 only.

  • Is Dominique Wilkins top 75?

Yes, Dominique Wilkins ranked No. 46 out of the top 75.

  • What is Dominique Wilkins doing now?

Currently, he is the Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Atlanta Hawks team.

  • What shoes did Dominique Wilkins wear?

Dominique Wilkins wore limited-edition of Arsenal KWs shoes.

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