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Networthgain.com always collects data from unparalleled and unbiased resources to deliver 100% accurate content to our readers. We have experienced and skilled writers who have been working in this field for 5–10 years. Also, each piece of content is revised twice by the fact checker and editor before going on air. People around the world trust our research and information to help them find answers about their favorite players. And their comments and feedback prove that.

Meet Our Writers

Basketball- Rick C. Nees

Rick C. Nees is one of our top biography writing experts who has worked with us for more than 5 years. He has been an NBA fan since childhood and tracks all the basketball events worldwide. Rick keeps us up to date with NBA players’ current net worth, career history, recent retirement details, NBA events, etc. Our readers widely admire his articles, and we are happy that we have a skilled writer on our team.

Football- Richard M. Donovan

Richard M. Donovan was a football player in his high school and college life. But he couldn’t get a chance to play in the NFL league. That’s why he chose to be an NFL sports analyst and biography writer. So we can get all the football-related updates and analysis from his articles. NFL fans love hearing from him and eagerly await his next article.

Baseball- Donald D. Richards

Donald D. Richards closely monitors all the baseball events, and fans can get all the latest MLB player updates from him, including their recent contracts, stats, salaries, personal lives, etc. We asked him to join us and share his knowledge, and he agreed as a part-time article writer. We also thank him.

Hockey- Milton B. Monk

Milton B. Monk is one of our highly experienced NHL sports analysts. He basically writes about ice hockey leagues (NHL) because he is from Minnesota, which is called “the state of hockey.” So you will love his analytic style, predictions, players’ insight details, etc. We thanked him for joining us.

Soccer- John C. Watts

Soccer is listed in the top 5 sports in America, and its popularity is increasing day by day. Around 7% of Americans love soccer and want to know all the updates about games and players. John C. Watts has been tracking all the MLS events, including players’ net worth, drafts, records, contracts, etc., since his college days. He is a great fan of Chris Wondolowski. We are really blessed that he is part of our team.

MMA Fight- Brett S. Hernandez

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a fast-growing sport, even more, popular than boxing. The game is followed by millions, especially the UFC. So we have a former MMA fighter and big UFC fan, Brett S. Hernandez, on our team. You can get all the insights you need on popular MMA events around the world from him. We also thank him.

Meet Our Fact Checker

We have a highly trained fact checker, David Jackson, who rechecks all the facts and data submitted by the writers so that you can get 100% accurate and authentic information. He also ensures that our article is an unbiased analysis of statements that won’t hurt any public sentiment or fans.

Meet Our Article Editor

Meet our article editor, Rylie Ortiz. She is an English-language graduate who previously worked as an editor for several news websites. As an experienced news editor, her proofreading skills are amazing. She is responsible for editing the sentence structure, grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and organization of the articles submitted by our writers. Her final overview makes the articles more fluent and engaging. We are lucky to have her on our team.

Meet Our Photo Editor

Alexander Mills is a freelance graphic designer who has more than a decade of experience in Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and the latest photo editing software. He is a certified graphic designer and completed his course at the Shillington School of Graphic Design in New York. His logos, photos, infographics, and multimedia presentations made our articles look more attractive to our readers.

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