Frank Brickowski Net Worth 2024: Wife, Height, and Career History

Retired NBA player Frank Brickowski played in both American and European basketball leagues. He started his career in European basketball and ended it in the NBA. His successful career led him to fame and wealth. In 1980, he was named Penn State’s MVP and won the John Lawther Award. This article will tell you about the life events of this prominent man, including his net worth.

Frank Brickowski’s Net Worth Till Now

Frank Brickowski’s professional career began in 1981 and ended in 1997. The net worth of this former successful basketball player is $1.5 million. Most of the assets he gained in his life were from basketball contracts.

Full Name:Francis Anthony Brickowski
Current Net Worth:$1.5 million
Highest Paid Season:$3.2 million (1995-96)
Birth:August 14, 1959, in New York, USA
Father:William Brickowski
College Education:Pennsylvania State University
Wife/Girlfriend:Meaghan McCarthy
Debut Team:New York Knicks
Height:6 feet 9 inches
Weight:109 kg
Current Age:62 Years

Frank Brickowski’s Jersey Number, Height, and Age

Frank Brickowski is 6 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 109 kg. In the field of basketball, his playing positions were power forward and center. Frank wore jersey numbers 34, 33, 43, 40. He is now 62 years old.

Early Life and Education

Frank Brickowski total worth

Frank Brickowski was born in Bayville, New York, on August 14, 1959. He is the son of his father, William Brickowski, who was a high school gym teacher and coach. He has two brothers and two sisters. Frank grew up in Oyster Bay, on the north shore of Long Island, which is 32 miles from New York City. Frank Brickowski rose through the middle class, leading a life that gave him the budding ability to better himself through the play of basketball.

His full name is Francis Anthony Brickowski. His wife is Meaghan McCarthy. Now they are living in Montana with his wife now.

His studies began at the Locust Valley Central School in New York. His college life began at The Pennsylvania State University. During his college life, he played for the Penn State Nittany Lions basketball team from 1977 to 1981.

Drafted NBA Teams

Brickowski played in Europe, the Middle East, and the NBA in his professional career. During his professional career, he played for the Cagiva Varese, Reims CAUFA, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Hornets, Seattle SuperSonics, and Boston Celtics.

NBA Contract History

In the 1981 NBA draft, the New York Knicks selected him in round 3 (57th overall). Though the Knicks selected him for the draft, he started his professional life in Italy because they did not think he was fit to play. The first team in his career was Cagiva Varese. He played in Italy, France, and Israel during his professional life. He played for the LBA team Cagiva Varese in the 1981–82 seasons. During the 1982–83 season, he switched to French and played for Reims CAUFA. Then Frank played for the Israeli basketball team, Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Returning to the USA, he started his career in the NBA. The first NBA team in his life was the Seattle SuperSonics. He played with the team from 1984 to 1986. After leaving Seattle, he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers and played for them in the 1986–87 season. For the next three seasons, Frank played with the San Antonio Spurs (from 1987 to 1990). Then he joined the Milwaukee Bucks for the next four seasons (from 1990 to 1994). In 1944, he partially played for the Charlotte Hornets. Frank again returned to his old team, the Seattle SuperSonics, and played there in 1995–96 for one season, leading the team to the NBA finals. The last team in his professional life was the Boston Celtics. Wearing the jersey of this team, he said “goodbye” to professional basketball.

Career Stats

Career RecordsPoints
Total Points:7302
Average Points Per Game (PPG):10.0
Total Rebounds:3410
Average Rebounds Per Game (RPG):4.7
Total Assists:1384
Average Assists Per Game (APG)1.9

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