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Who is Pete Maravich?

In the NBA, the man who is mostly known as “Pistol” is Pete Maravich. But why was he called by this nickname? He was given this name because of his legendary craftiness and dazzling point guard position. In 1987, his name was inserted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. So, basketball fans are eager to know about Pete Maravich’s worth, and this article will disclose all about it.

As of 2024, Pete Maravich’s net worth is $17 million.

Average Annual Salary: $1.2 Million

Autograph Worth: $1200-$3500

Rookie Card Value: $70-$100

Biography Chart:

Net Worth Now:$17 million
Total Career Earnings:$35 million
Earnings Outside of the NBA: $20,000 (Per Year)
Date Of Birth: June 22, 1947
Place Of Birth:Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, United States
Full Name: Peter Press Maravich
Nick Name: Pistol Pete
Father Name: Peter Maravich
Mother Name: Helen Gravor Maravich
Nationality: American
Profession: Basketball Player
Ethnicity: Serbs
High School: Daniel High School
Sisters: One
Position:Shooting Guard and Guard
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Sons: Jaeson and Josh
NBA Draft: 1970, Atlanta Hawks
College Education:Louisiana State University
Wife/Girlfriend:Jackie Maravich
Achievements:Oscar Robertson Trophy, All-NBA Team, NBA All-Rookie Team, Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame
Height:1.96 m
Weight:89 KG
Death:January 5, 1988 (Heart Failure)

Where was Pete Maravich born?

Pete Maravich came into the world on June 22, 1947, in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, USA. He is the son of his father, Petar Maravich, and his mother, Helen Maravich. He had two siblings, Diana Marie Maravich and Ronnie Maravich. His father was also a basketball player. That favored him a lot. His father taught him the fundamentals of basketball early in life.


How old was Pete Maravich when he died?

He was 40 years old at his death.

  • What happened to Pete Maravich?

Pete died of a heart attack.

  • What number did Pete Maravich wear?

He wore jersey numbers 44 and 7.

  • What position did Pete Maravich play?

He played in the point guard position.

  • Did Pete Maravich have a pistol on his jersey?

Yes, “Pistol” was written on the back of his jersey.

  • How many years did Pete Maravich play in the NBA?

He played basketball in the NBA from 1974 to 1984. So he spent 10 years in the NBA.

Where did Pete Maravich go to high school?

In his school life, he studied at D. W. Daniel High School (Central, South Carolina) and Needham Broughton High School (Raleigh, North Carolina). The start of his basketball life began during his school tenure.

At the beginning of his life, he attracted the people around him with his amazing skill of playing basketball. During his school life, he began to show his amazing performance and was called “the pistol” for his attractive playing tactics.

Biography Chart:

Where did Pete Maravich go to college?

His college life began at Louisiana State University. In his college life, he showed an astonishing performance. While playing for LSU, he made a historical record in college history. He became the all-time leading scorer in college basketball history, scoring 44.2 points per game.Pete Maravich net worth

What years did Pete Maravich play at LSU?

He played here from 1966 to 1970. In the first match of his college life, he was able to give a message to all about his potential. He had 50 points, 14 rebounds, and 11 assists against Southeastern Louisiana College in his first match.

But How many points did Pete Maravich average in college? In his total three years of career in college life, he scored a total of 3,667 points. are in

1967–68 season score: 1,138

1968–69 season score: 1,148

1969–70 score: 1,381

That led to an average of 43.8, 44.2, and 44.5 points per game. Many years have passed, but many of his records of Pete Maravich in his college life are still unbroken.

Was Pete Maravich married?

His wife’s name is Jackie Maravich. He had two sons, Jaeson and Josh. His children were the youngest at the time of his death.

Who did Pistol Pete Maravich play for in the NBA?

The professional life of Pete Maravich began in 1974 with the Atlanta Hawks. In the 1970 NBA draft, he was selected by the Atlanta Hawks as number 3 in round 1. His career ended with the Boston Celtics. During his professional career, he played for the Atlanta Hawks, New Orleans/Utah Jazz, Salt Lake City, and Boston Celtics. 

Pete’s NBA Contract History

From 1971-1972 to 1973-1974, he played for the Atlanta Hawks. Here he began to show his amusing performance. In his first season with Atlanta, he played in 81 games and averaged 23.2 points per game. He scored an average of 19.3 points per game in the next season. In the third season, he was again on fire, scoring an average of 26.1 points (5th in the NBA) and taking 6.9 assists per game (6th in the NBA) with 2,063 points.

Last season with the Atlanta Hawks, his average was 27.7 points per game. In 1974, New Orleans was looking for a player like Maravich, and they also got him. He was a flop, scoring an average of 21.5 points per game in his first season with New Orleans. The team performance was also not good in the NBA.

When did Pete Maravich retire?

After leaving New Orleans, he moved to Salt Lake City. He played only 17 games because of his knee problems. However, later, he was traded to the Boston Celtics. While playing for the Boston Celtics, he realized that his knee problem would no longer allow him to go forward. After the season, he retired from his glorified NBA career.

NBA Career Highlights and Stats

In 1976-77, it was his firing season; he scored an average of 31.1 points per game. For this season, he favored his team to win the NBA championship. The injury appeared to be a bar to him in the following season. Amazingly, despite missing 32 games this season, he scored an average of 27.0 points per game and added 6.7 assists per contest. That was the highest average among the members of his team.

In the 1978-79 season, injury again appeared as a bar to his career. For this season, he managed to score an average of 22.6 points per game, playing in a total of 49 games.

In his NBA career, he scored a total of 15,948 (24.2 ppg) points, 2,747 (4.2 RPG) rebounds, and 3,563 (5.4 APG) assists, setting a record.

Career Stats:

1970-1971Atlanta Hawks8136.1.459.8113.74.423.2
1971-1972Atlanta Hawks6636.8.441.8213.86.219.3
1972-1973Atlanta Hawks7937.0.459.8174.25.426.1
1973-1974Atlanta Hawks7637.9.444.8114.46.827.7
1974-1975NO/Utah Jazz7941.5.419.8525.66.221.5
1975-1976NO/Utah Jazz6241.7.459.8354.
1976-1977NO/Utah Jazz7341.3.433.8405.
1977-1978NO/Utah Jazz5038.0.456.667.8404.
1978-1979NO/Utah Jazz4936.7.444.667.8153.
1979-1980Boston Celtics4325.9.481.200.8291.

How Tall Was Pete Maravich?

The height of Pete Maravich was 1.96 m. The weight was 89 kg. Wearing jersey 7, he played for New Orleans, and wearing jersey number 44, and he played for the Atlanta Hawks.

Achievements: How good was Pistol Pete Maravich?

Pete Maravich salary

During his NBA career, he was an NBA All-Star five times, an All-NBA First Team member twice, an All-NBA Second Team member twice, and an NBA All-Rookie First Team member twice. His name was also included in the list of the 50 greatest players in the history of the NBA.

But is Pete Maravich in the NBA Hall of Fame? Yes. In 1984, his name was added to the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. In 1987, his name was inserted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Pete Maravich’s Source Of Income

NBA Player SalaryPete Maravich earned a salary as a professional basketball player during his NBA career.
Endorsement DealsMaravich signed endorsement deals with various brands during his playing career and after.
Autographs & MemorabiliaMaravich likely earned income from signing autographs and selling memorabilia related to his career.
Coaching & ClinicsAfter retirement, Maravich worked as a basketball coach and conducted basketball clinics.
Speaking EngagementsPete Maravich was occasionally invited to speak at events, generating income.

How did Pistol Pete Maravich die?

His life span was too short. He took the last inhale of his life on January 5, 1988. While playing basketball in a gym, he collapsed into heartbreak. The last line of his life was, “I feel great.”

Best Pistol Pele Quotes

“They don’t pay you a million dollars for two-hand chest passes.”-Pete Maravich.

“There is nothing wrong with dedication and goals, but if you focus on yourself, all the lights fade away and you become a fleeting moment in life.”-Pete Maravich.

“Shooting is nothing. Anybody can shoot. The big charge is putting on a show for the crowd.”-Pete Maravich.

“I accomplished what I set out to do, but I lost my discipline and my career.”-Pete Maravich.

“I got by on talent. That was my fatal mistake.”-Pete Maravich.

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