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One of the great players in the history of the NBA is Andre Drummond. He is an American professional basketball player. This man is to be regarded as a man of success. From the beginning of his career, he started to gain awards, titles, and recognitions. Representing the USA national team, he brought honor to his nation. Playing with his magical skill, he attracted the basketball-loving people of America and was able to draw the attention of the concerned at the beginning of his career. His stunning career in the field of the NBA led him to a glorious life with honor, wealth, and fame. The impressive career generated lots of fans for this man. They have the interest to know about him. In this article, the life history of this man, including his personal life and net worth, are discussed. Let’s give it a look.

Andre Drummond and Childhood

Andre Drummond blessed his parents coming to the world on August 10, 1993, in Mount Vernon, New York. The full name of Andre Drummond is Andre Jamal Drummond. He is the son of Christine Cameron. His parents are Jamaican. He has a sister named Ariana Drummond.

At the beginning of his life, he went to the Woodrow Wilson Middle School. Later, he started his high school basketball career at the Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut. Here he spent his freshman year scoring 12.7 points, 11.9 rebounds, and 6.5 blocks per game. In his sophomore year, he scored on average 20.2 points, 16.6 rebounds, 7.2 blocks, and 4.5 steals per game. After spending two years in this school, he got admitted to the St. Thomas More School in Oakdale, Connecticut. In his school career, he excelled his skill, becoming the number 1 player in the class of 2011 by ESPN and NBA Draft.


Basketball Player

Full Name:Andre Jamal Drummond
Nick Name:Big Penguin, Showtime
Mother Name:Christine Cameron
Sister Name:Ariana Drummond
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Black
Jersey Number:0, 3
Girlfriend: Abigail Russo
Children:Deon King, Aubrey EllaRose
  • NBA All-Rookie Second Team
  • All-NBA Third Team
  • Big East All-Freshman Team
Birth Date:10/08/1993
Birth Place:Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Height: 6 ft. 10 inches
Weight:126 kg
Current Age:29 years

College Career

Andre Drummond started his college career at The University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut. He played in The UConn Huskies men’s basketball program. He played one year in his college career in the 2011–2012 seasons. Playing 34 games, he scored 10.0 points and 7.6 rebounds on average.

Andre Drummond Contracts and Teams

Andre Drummond started to turn over the chapter of his professional phase of life in 2012, and still, he is pursuing his career in the field of basketball. In his nine years long career, he played for the Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Philadelphia 76ers. After one year of college life, he entered the NBA. 

In the 2012 NBA draft, Detroit Pistons selected him 9th overall for the 1st round. He served on this team till 2020. In the 2020–2021 seasons, he wore the jersey of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2021, he partially played for the Los Angeles Lakers. From 2021 to till now, he has been under the contract of the Philadelphia 76ers. 

In his NBA career, till now, he has played a total of 688 games and scored 14.0 points on average, 13.4 rebounds on average, 1.4 assists on average. His others career statistics are FG% 53.8, FG3% 13.3, FT% 47.1, eFG% 53.9, PER 21.8, WS 65.1Andre career earning

Representing the USA national team, he participated in the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup of Spain, winning the gold medal, 2010 FIBA Under-17 World Championship of Germany winning the gold medal, FIBA Americas Under-16 Championship achieving the gold medal.  

Career Earnings Per Year:

YearTeamTotal Earnings
2012-13Detroit Pistons$2.3 Million
2013-14Detroit Pistons$2.4 Million
2014-15Detroit Pistons$2.5 Million
2015-16Detroit Pistons$3.2 Million
2016-17Detroit Pistons$22 Million
2017-18Detroit Pistons$23.7 Million
2018-19Detroit Pistons$25.4 Million
2019-20Cleveland Cavaliers$9 Million
2019-20Detroit Pistons$16 Million
2020-21Cleveland Cavaliers$27.9 Million
2020-21Los Angeles Lakers$0.8 Million
2021-22Brooklyn Nets$0.8 Million
2021-22Philadelphia 76ers$1.5 Million
2022-23Chicago Bulls$3.2 Million


Andre decorated his career with the flowers of the awards, titles, recognitions, records, and so many successes. He became the NBA All-Star in 2016 with AL Horford, Pau Gasol, John Wall, and Isaiah Thomas. He was part of the All-NBA Third Team in 2016. For four times, he became the NBA rebounding leader in 2016, from 2018–to 2020. He made his place on the NBA All-Rookie Second Team in 2013. He inserted his name Big East All-Freshman Team in 2012

Andre Drummond Girlfriend/Wife

Andre Drummond is not a married person in his personal life. He has a relationship with Abigail Russo. Earlier, he had a relationship with Elizabeth Costadon. In 2015, he was in a relationship with the American Model Candice Brooks. He had an affair with the American Model Jenna Shea, in 2015. Drummond dated American Actress Jennette McCurdy (2013).

He is the son of two children. They are Deon King Drummond and Aubrey EllaRose Costandoni-Drummond. Both of them were born in 2019. Deon King Drummond is the son of Abigail Russo, and EllaRose Costandoni-Drummond is the son of Elizabeth Costadon. 

Height and Weight

Andre net worth

Andre Drummond is tall, up to 6 ft. 10 inches, and his weight is 279 lb. His playing position in the field of basketball is Center. For that position, he is a demanded player of his teams. Being in this position, he has gained lots of personal success and helped his contracted team to the winnings of lots of matches.

He does not wear any definite jersey. In the field of basketball, he is seen running, wearing jerseys number 1, 0, 3, 2, 1. Both are loving numbers to his fans.

This man is still alive in the world, and his age is 29 years now.

Andre Drummond Net Worth and Annual Salary in 2024

The net asset of this prominent American basketball player is $40 million, and his yearly salary is $25 million. The huge earnings from a stunning basketball career have led him to a millionaire life. Most of the earnings of his life came from basketball, and the rest are from his extra activities.

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