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Originating from the Dominican, the NBA professional who is spreading the light of his talent in the field of American basketball is Al Horford. He is a Dominican-American basketball player. With the magical play, he attracted the basketball-loving people of America. From the early of his career, he played in the field of basketball with fame and praise. He filled up the bag of achievements with lots of awards, success, and titles. The dazzling NBA career led him to the uplift position with fame, wealth, and honor. In the arena of basketball, he has lots of supporters. They are interested to know about this man. This article will fill up their demand, narrating all of the histories of this man, including his Family, Childhood, Schooling, College Career, and net assets. Let’s read the article.

Al Horford Father and Mother

Al Horford emerged to the world on June 3, 1986, in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. His name is Alfred Joel Horford Reynoso.

He is the son of his father, Tito Horford, and his mother, Arelis Reynoso. His father was also a basketball player. Al Horford’s elder brother, Jon Horford, was a basketball player who played at Michigan and Florida. His uncle Kelly Horford was a basketball player who played at Florida Atlantic University. He has two sisters, Anna and Maria, and three younger brothers, Josh, Jon, and Christian.



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From the early of his life, he was a star player. With the fame, he passed his school career of basketball at the Grand Ledge High School in Grand Ledge, Michigan. In his senior year at this school, he scored on average 21 points, 13 rebounds, and five blocks per game, becoming a Class A Player of the Year.

Birth:June 3, 1986, in the Dominican Republic
Mother:Arelis Reynoso
Father:Tito Horford
College Education:University of Florida
Wife/Girlfriend:Amelia Vega
Contracts With:
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Boston Celtics
  • All-NBA Third Team
  • NBA All-Defensive Second Team
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team
  • NCAA champion
Height: 6 ft. 9 inches
Weight:109 kg
Current Age:35 years

College Career

Spreading fame, he passed his college career of basketball at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. During his study at this college, he played for the Florida Gators men’s basketball team. His college tenure was from 2004 to 2007. In his college tenure of basketball, he led the team to the winning g of the two NCAA Championships in 2006 and 2007 with his stunning performance. His college career recognition includes SEC Tournament MVP, Second-team All-American – NABC, and Third-team All-American. 

Al Horford Contracts With Teams

Al Horford started to walk the path of professional basketball in 2007, and he is still pursuing his career in the field of basketball. In his professional life of basketball, he played for the Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 76ers, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Boston Celtics.

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In the 2007 NBA draft, Atlanta Hawks selected him in 3rd overall for the 1st round. He served on this team till 2016. From 2016 to 2019, he played for the Boston Celtics. From 2019 to 2020, he wore the jersey of the Philadelphia 76ers. In 2020–2021 he ran in the field of basketball, representing the Oklahoma City Thunder. From 2021 to the present, he is running after the ball for the Boston Celtics. 

In his NBA career, he played a total of 913 games. He scored PTS 13.8, TRB 8.2, and AST 3.3. 

Gaining From the Basketball Career 

Al Horford career earningsAl Horford became the NBA All-Star in 2010, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2018 the five times. 

In 2011, he made his place on the All-NBA Third Team along with Zach Randolph and Chris Paul. In 2018, he made his place on the NBA All-Defensive Second Team. He became the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2008. He was the glorified part of the winning of the NCAA champion in 2006 and 2007 for the two times. In 2007, he became the Second-team All-American– NABC. He took his place to the Third-team All-American – AP in 2007. In the same year, he became the SEC Tournament MVP. 

Al Horford Wife and Children

Al Horford entered the conjugal life with Dominican model, actress, author, singer, and beauty queen Amelia Vega. She was the Miss Universe of 2003. He received her as a legal partner of his life on December 24, 2011. The family of Al Horford and Amelia Vega was extended with the four children. They are son Ean Horford and three daughters, Nova, Alia, and Ava.

How tall is he?

Al Horford salaryAl Horford is tall, up to 6 ft. 9 inches, and his weight is 109 kg. As Center and Power forward, he played in the team. He was used to playing in both positions. On-demand of the team, he changed his positions. Playing in those positions, he became part and parcel of the team. Being in those positions, he spread the light of his skill and gained his personal success. As best suited to those positions, he favored his team to victories in the lots of the matches.

Al Horford’s Salary Accumulation Chart:

Total Salary Earned From:$239 Million
Average Annual Salary: $12 million
Highest Paid Season 2018-19:$28.9 million
Debut Season Salary:$3.75 million
Total Salary Earned From Boston Celtics:$112 million
Salary Earned From Atlanta Hawks:$77.5 million

Jersey Number and Age

He did not wear any definite jersey. In the field of basketball, he was seen running, wearing jerseys number 15 and 42. Both are memorable to his fans. This man is still alive in the world, and his age is 35 years now.

Al Horford Net Worth

The net asset of this renowned basketball player is $85 million. His yearly salary is $26.5 Million. The huge earnings from a successful basketball career led him to a millionaire life. Most of the earnings of his life come from basketball, and the rest are from his post-retirement activities.

Over the past five years, Rick C. Nees has written hundreds of NBA players' biographies, some of which have already been published in famous newspapers. He previously worked as- Commentator, Basketball Analyst, Basketball Player, Newspaper Sports Editor, Radio sports presenter. Rick grew up watching basketball leagues. He was a state-level high school basketball player who followed all NBA events since he was a child.


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