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Matt Hughes is considered one of the greatest fighters in the history of MMA. He is a two-time UFC Welterweight Champion who has been inducted into the UFC and NJCAA Halls of Fame. This great man was considered the #1 pound-for-pound mixed athlete. Many times he was called “the Gracie Killer.

As of now, the net worth of Matt Hughes is $8 million.

49 years old Matt Hughes stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds.

He fought in the welterweight division of MMA.

His reaching distance is 73 inches.

Matt Hughes Biography (MMA & UFC Career)

Matt Hughes was born on October 13, 1973, in Hillsboro, Illinois, U.S. His full name is Matthew Allen Hughes. He and his twin brother were born on their father’s birthday. He has a sister, Beth Ulricy, and a brother, Mark Hughes. His brother is also a fighter.

During his college years, he went to Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, Granite City, Red Bud, Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, and Lincoln College in Illinois. He competed in NCAA Division I wrestling during his collegiate career.

In his personal life, Matt Hughes married Audra Moore-Hughes in 2004.

Their conjugal life is blessed with two daughters. He also has a son from a previous relationship.

He fought from Hillsboro, Illinois, USA.

Matt Hughes, in his professional career, was connected with the Miletich Fighting Systems training organization from 1998 to 2007 and Finney’s HIT Squad from 2007 to the present.Matt Hughes Career Earnings

Matt Hughes- MMA Fighting Records

He competed in MMA from 1998 to 2013. He was a member of 54 different MMA fighting teams. Matt won 45 of the fights he participated in and lost nine.

Result         Fighter                            Event
LOSSJosh KoscheckUFC 135 – Jones vs. Rampage
LOSSB.J. PennUFC 123 – Rampage vs. Machida
WINRicardo AlmeidaUFC 117 – Silva vs. Sonnen
WINRenzo GracieUFC 112 – Invincible
WINMatt SerraUFC 98 – Evans vs. Machida
LOSSThiago AlvesUFC 85 – Bedlam
LOSSGeorges St. PierreUFC 65 – Bad Intentions
WINChris LytleUFC 68 – Uprising
LOSSGeorges St. PierreUFC 79 – Nemesis
WINJoe RiggsUFC 56 – Full Force
WINRoyce GracieUFC 60 – Hughes vs. Gracie
WINB.J. PennUFC 63 – Hughes vs. Penn 2
WINRenato VerissimoUFC 48 – Payback
LOSSB.J. PennUFC 46 – Supernatural
WINFrank TriggUFC 45 – Revolution
WINGeorges St. PierreUFC 50 – The War of ’04
WINFrank TriggUFC 52 – Couture vs. Liddell 2
WINCarlos NewtonUFC 38 – Brawl at the Hall
WINGil CastilloUFC 40 – Vendetta
WINSean SherkUFC 42 – Sudden Impact
WINSteve GommEC 43 – Extreme Challenge 43
WINCarlos NewtonUFC 34 – High Voltage
WINHayato SakuraiUFC 36 – Worlds Collide
WINHiromitsu KaneharaRings – 10th Anniversary
WINChatt LavenderEC 41 – Extreme Challenge 41
WINScott JohnsonEC 40 – Extreme Challenge 40
WINBrett Al-azzawiRings USA – Battle of Champions
WINBruce NelsonFCC 4 – Freestyle Combat Challenge 4
WINJohn CronkGladiators 14 – Gladiators 14
WINMaynard MarcumRings Australia – Free Fight Battle
LOSSDennis HallmanUFC 29 – Defense of the Belts
LOSSJose Landi-JonsShidokan Jitsu – Warriors War 1
WINJoe GuistEC 35 – Extreme Challenge 35
WINChris HasemanRings – Millennium Combine 3
WINRobbie NewmanRings USA – Rising Stars Final
WINAlexandre BarrosWEF 9 – World Class
WINShawn PetersEC 32 – Extreme Challenge 32
WINMarcelo AguiarUFC 26 – Ultimate Field of Dreams
WINDaniel ViannaJKD – Challenge 4
WINEric DavilaSB 17 – SuperBrawl 17
WINJorge PereiraWEF 8 – Goin’ Platinum
WINJoe DoerksenEC 29 – Extreme Challenge 29
WINTom SchmitzEC 29 – Extreme Challenge 29
WINLaVerne ClarkEC 29 – Extreme Challenge 29
WINValeri IgnatovUFC 22 – There Can Be Only One Champion
WINAkihiro Gono Shooto10th Anniversary Event
WINErick SnyderJKD – Challenge 3
WINJoe SternEC 23 – Extreme Challenge 23
LOSSDennis HallmanEC 21 – Extreme Challenge 21
WINRyan StoutES – Extreme Shootfighting
WINCraig QuickJKD – Challenge 2
WINVictor HunsakerEC 21 – Extreme Challenge 21
WINDave MenneEC 21 – Extreme Challenge 21
WINErick SnyderJKD – Challenge 1

Championships and Awards

The details of the championships and achievements of this successful year are in the following:

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship):

  • 2x UFC Welterweight Championship
  • Five successful title defenses (First reign)
  • Two successful title defenses (Second reign)
  • 2x Fight of the Night
  • Seven successful title defenses
  • Submission of the Night
  • Second most title fights in the UFC welterweight division
  • Second most title defenses in the UFC welterweight division
  • Tied (Tito Ortiz) for third-most consecutive title defenses in UFC history
  • UFC Hall of Fame
  • Most finishes in the UFC Welterweight division 
  • Second most finishes in UFC title fights
  • Submission of the Year (2005) against Frank TriggMatt Hughes Total Worth

Extreme Challenge

  • Extreme Challenge 29 Tournament Winner
  • Extreme Challenge 21 Tournament Runner-Up

Black Belt Magazine

  • 2006 NHB Fighter of the Year
  • Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer


  • Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Bleacher Report

  • 2000s Welterweight of the Decade

George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

  • George Tragos Award (2013)

Sports Illustrated

  • UFC’s #1 Greatest Fight vs. B.J. Penn on September 23, 2006
  • UFC’s #4 Greatest Fight vs. Frank Trigg on April 16, 2005
  • 2000s #3 Fighter of the Decade

  • 2000s #3 Fight of the Decade vs. Frank Trigg on April 16, 2005
  • 2000s #5 Fight of the Decade vs. B.J. Penn on September 23, 2006

Fight Matrix

  • 2002 Fighter of the Year
  • 2003 Fighter of the Year 3rd Place
  • 2004 Fighter of the Year 3rd Place
  • 2005 Fighter of the Year 3rd Place
  • 1999 Fighter of the Year 3rd Place

Yahoo! Sports

  • 2000s #6 Fight of the Decade vs. Frank Trigg on April 16, 2005

National Collegiate Athletic Association

  • NCAA Division I 158 lbs- 8th place out of Eastern Illinois University (1996)
  • NCAA Division I All- American Team (Two times)
  • NCAA Division I 158 lbs- 5th place out of Eastern Illinois University (1997)

National Junior College Athletic Association

  • Matt Hughes Career EarningsNJCAA Hall of Fame
  • NJCAA Division I 158 lbs – 5th place
  • NJCAA Division I 158 lbs – 3rd place
  • NJCAA All-American Team (Two times)

Eastern Illinois University

  • EIU Athletic Hall of Fame

Illinois High School Association

  • IHSA Class A State Wrestling Champion 145 lbs (1991 & 1992)

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