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Josh Koscheck is a retired American mixed martial artist known as Kos. This artist has fought at welterweight for the UFC and Bellator MMA. He is the NCAA division champion. In MMA, he fought in many events and won most of the time. The career of this man is filled with awards and honors. Koscheck announced his retirement from MMA on June 28, 2018. 

What is the net worth of Josh Koscheck?

Josh Koscheck is a rich man on the fortunes of his glowing career. He fought from Fresno, California, in the United States. Playing mixed martial arts and wrestling, he gained lots of money. The net worth of this wealthy man is $2 million. His rank is Black Belt in Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu. 

How was Josh Koscheck’s early life?

Josh Koscheck was born on November 30, 1977, in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. His full name is Josh D. Koscheck. In his early life, he went to Waynesburg Central High School. He continued his college career of fighting at PennWest Edinboro in Pennsylvania.

How did Josh Koscheck pass his MMA fighting career? 

In his glorious career, Josh Koscheck was a part of his team, Dethrone Base Camp and American Kickboxing Academy. In his wrestling, he fought in the NCAA Division I Wrestling. He was active in his professional career from 2004 to 2018.

 Josh Koscheck Career Earnings

LOSS  Mauricio AlonsoBellator 172 – Thomson vs. Pitbull
LOSS  Erick SilvaUFC Fight Night 62 – Maia vs. LaFlare
LOSS    Jake EllenbergerUFC 184 – Rousey vs. Zingano
LOSS  Tyron WoodleyUFC 167 – St. Pierre vs. Hendricks
LOSS          Robbie LawlerUFC 157 – Rousey vs. Carmouche
LOSS   Johny HendricksUFC on Fox 3 – Diaz vs. Miller
WIN                    Mike PierceUFC 143 – Diaz vs. Condit
WINMatt HughesUFC 135 – Jones vs. Rampage
LOSS Georges St. PierreUFC 124 – St. Pierre vs. Koscheck
WINPaul DaleyUFC 113 – Machida vs. Shogun 2
WINAnthony JohnsonUFC 106 – Ortiz vs. Griffin 2
WINFrank TriggUFC 103 – Franklin vs. Belfort
LOSS            Paulo ThiagoUFC 95 – Sanchez vs. Stevenson
WINYoshiyuki YoshidaUFC Fight Night 16 – Fight for the Troops 1
LOSS          Thiago AlvesUFC 90 – Silva vs. Cote
WINChris LytleUFC 86 – Jackson vs. Griffin
WINDustin HazelettUFC 82 – Pride of a Champion
LOSS  Georges St. PierreUFC 74 – Respect
WINDiego SanchezUFC 69 – Shootout
WINJeff JoslinUFC Fight Night 7 – Sanchez vs. Riggs
WINJonathan GouletUFC Fight Night 6 – Sanchez vs. Parisyan
WIN Dave MenneUFC Fight Night 5 – Leben vs. Silva
WINAnsar ChalangovUFC Fight Night 4 – Bonnar vs. Jardine
LOSS          Drew FickettUFC Fight Night 2 – Loiseau vs. Tanner
WINPete SprattUFC Fight Night 1 – Marquardt vs. Salaverry
WINChris SanfordUFC – The Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale
WINLuke CummoROC 6 – Ring of Combat 6
WINCruz ChaconKOTR – King of the Rockies 1

Fight history – pro exhibition

Result                             OpponentEvent
LOSS                Diego SanchezUFC – The Ultimate Fighter
WIN                        Chris LebenUFC – The Ultimate Fighter

Fight History – Amateur

WIN                      Dave MorrisIFC – Night of the Warriors 4
WIN              Matt MaumoynierIFC – Night of the Warriors 4

Career Achievements

Josh Koscheck began to win fights and earn accolades during his college career.

Collegiate wrestling

  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
  • Josh Koscheck represented the Edinboro Fighting Scots in the championship.
  • NCAA Division I 174 1b – 3rd place out of Edinboro University (2002)
  • NCAA Division I 174 1b – Champion out of Edinboro University (2001) Gold medal
  • NCAA Division I 174 1b – Runner-up out of Edinboro University (2000) Silver medal
  • NCAA Division I 174 1b – 4th place out of Edinboro University (1999)
  • NCAA Division I All-American out of Edinboro University (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002) Bronze medal

Mixed martial arts

  • Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Fight of the Night (Two times)
  • Submission of the Night (One time)
  • Knockout of the Night (Two times)

UFC records

In the sphere of MMA, he fought in a total of 28. Among them, he won 17 fights and lost 11 fights. The details of his MMA career are given below.

Win record: 17Josh Koscheck Total Worth

  • By knockout: 6
  • Submission 4
  • By decision: 7

Losses: 11

  • Knockout: 4
  • By submission: 3
  • By decision: 4

Is Josh Koscheck married?

Josh Koscheck is a married person in real life. He married Tiara Nowlin in 2017. His life partner is a real estate agent.

What is the height and weight of Josh Koscheck?

Josh Koscheck, 44, stands up to 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds. He played in the divisions of middleweight and welterweight. His reach is 73 inches. The stance of this man is Orthodox. 


What does Josh Koscheck do now?

Currently, Josh is still involved in Mixed Martial Arts and is continuing to work to build and improve Check Defense.

Where does Josh Koscheck live now?

Fresno, California.

Where did Josh Koscheck go to college?

PennWest Edinboro

Who did Josh Koscheck lose to?

  • Josh Koscheck Erick Silva
  • Josh Koscheck Jake Ellenberger
  • Josh Koscheck Tyron Woodley
  • Josh Koscheck Robbie Lawler

What did Josh Koscheck say to Paul Daley?

‘Wow, that was slow, Paul’

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