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The renowned basketball professional, who is well known to all as’ McBob,’ is Josh McRoberts. He is a former American professional basketball player. This man is considered one of the most successful players in the NBA. From the beginning of his career, he began to show Excellency in the field of American basketball. He made his school, college, and professional career successful with awards, titles, and recognition. His glorious career led him to a position of fame, honor, and wealth. With his attractive playing style, he entertained the basketball-loving people. He has lots of fans, and they are curious about Josh McRoberts’ total worth. So let’s take a dive.

Josh McRoberts’ net worth and average yearly salary

Josh McRoberts Total Worth

The debut of his professional career of this man was in 2007 and lasted till 2018. The professional career of this man is a mixture of the NBA and the NBA G League. The net valuables of this wealthy retired professional player are $23 million. His yearly salary earnings are 6.2 million USD. The success of his glorious basketball career pushed him to earn a lot of money and become a millionaire. Most of the belongings of his prosperous life are from the earnings of his basketball career. In his post-retirement life, he also earned a lot.

Total Salary Earned: $33.7 million
Debut Salary in 2007: $0.42 Million
Salary Earned From Miami Heat: $16.6 Million
Total Earned From Indiana Pacers: $2.4 Million
Highest Salary Earning Season (2017-18): $6 Million

Josh McRoberts’ Family and Early Life

Josh was born on February 28, 1987, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The full name of this man is Joshua Scott McRoberts. He is the son of his father, Tim McRoberts, and his mother, Jennifer McRoberts. He has two brothers. They are Elizabeth McRoberts and Sarah McRoberts. He has a brother named Zach McRoberts.

Net Worth: $23 Million USD
Birth Date:February 28, 1987
Birth Place:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Full Name:Joshua Scott McRoberts
Known As:McBob
Father Name: Tim McRoberts
Mother Name: Jennifer McRoberts
Siblings: Elizabeth McRoberts and Sarah McRoberts
High School: Carmel High School
College Education: Duke University
Position: Power Forward and Center
Profession:Basketball Player
Martial Status:Single
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Eye Color:Blue
NBA Draft Team: Portland Trail Blazers-2007
Height:6 feet 10 inches
Weight: 109 Kg
Jersey Numbers: 4, 6, 11, 13, 17 and 32
Shooting Style: Left
Current Age: 35 Years Old

He spent his school life at Carmel High School (CHS) in Carmel, Indiana. Here he showed his Excellency in the field of basketball. He was regarded as the number one power forward prospect out of high school. He was also the 3rd highest-rated recruit in the history of Duke Basketball.

College Highlights

In his college life, he passed the time at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Here he represented the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team. The duration of his college career was from 2005 to 2007. In his freshman years of college, he averaged 8.7 points and 1.3 blocked shots. He earned his place on the ACC All-Freshman team. With his magical play, he led his college team to a record of 32–4, the ACC regular-season title, and the 2006 ACC tournament championship title. He was named to the third Freshman All-America team. As a sophomore, he had a career-high of 19 points, six blocks, six rebounds, four assists, and four steals against Kent State. After a glorious college career, he made the NBA his next destination.

Josh McRoberts’ Contract History and Drafted Teams

In his professional life, he wore the jerseys of the Portland Trail Blazers, Idaho Stampede, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, Charlotte Bobcats, Miami Heat, and Dallas Mavericks. In the 2007 NBA draft, the Portland Trail Blazers took him 37th overall in the 2nd round. On November 19, 2007, this man-made his NBA debut with this team. He stayed with this team until 2008. Josh McRoberts Career Earnings

He played for the NBA G League team Idaho Stampede in the middle of his career in 2008. In the same year, he joined the Indiana Pacers and remained with the team until 2011. He was a player for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2011–2012 seasons. He was a member of the Orlando Magic in the 2012–2013 seasons. During the 2013–2014 seasons, he was under contract with the Charlotte Bobcats. He wore the jersey of the Miami Heat from 2014 to 2017. The last team of his career was the Dallas Mavericks, and he played for them in the 2017–2018 seasons. In the last phase of his career, injury emerged as a bar to a smooth career. He felt the injury to his left foot. After this season, he did not play for any NBA team.

Records and Recognition

The tree of his accomplishments was blooming with many flowers of success. He made his way to the Second Team All-ACC in 2007. He was a member of the ACC All-Defensive Team in 2007. In 2005, he became the McDonald’s All-American MVP. He made his way to the first-team Parade All-American in 2005.

2007Portland Trail Blazers83.51.560.
2008Indiana Pacers338.52.442.
2009Indiana Pacers4212.54.352.
2010Indiana Pacers7222.27.454.738.
2011Los Angeles Lakers5014.42.847.542.
2012Orlando Magic4116.73.939.
2014Miami Heat1717.44.252.842.
2015Miami Heat4214.23.637.
2016Miami Heat2217.34.937.341.
2017Dallas Mavericks23.

In the sphere of the NBA, he took part in 433 games. The NBA career statistics of this man are PTS 5.4, TRB 3.9, AST 2.1, FG% 46.3, FG3% 34.0, FT% 70.5, eFG% 51.3, PER 13.2, WS 18.5

How tall is Josh McRoberts?

McRoberts stands up to 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 240 pounds. His fans saw him running in the field of basketball wearing the jersey numbers 4, 32, 6, 17, 11, and 13. These numbers became the love numbers of his career. All of these numbers represent his name. His fans still miss those jerseys with him on the field of basketball.

What position did he play?

This reputed professional spread the blaze of his magic in the field of basketball, playing in the power forward and center positions. He was accustomed to playing in both of the positions. Depending on the situation of the play and on the suggestion of the coach, he chose the position of the play.

The teams of contractors regarded him as the perfect man for these positions. Besides helping his teams, he made his career weighty in these positions. Until taking retirement, he was in these positions. The shooting style of this man is left.


Is Josh McRoberts retired?

Yes, he is retired.

What team was Josh McRoberts on?

Portland Trail Blazers, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, Charlotte Bobcats, Miami Heat, and Dallas Mavericks are among the teams in the league.

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