How Much Is Basketball Player Jim Lampley’s Net Worth?

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Jim Lampley is a retired American basketball player. He ran after the ball in the field of the NBA and CBA both. He made his career successful with his impressive performance. His dazzling career in basketball favored him to achieve fame and the records. His successful career gave him lots of fans. They are eager to know about Jim Lampley’s net worth. So in this article, the life events of this person are mentioned. 

How Tall is Jim Lampley? Know His Age & Weight

Jim Lampley is tall, up to 6 ft 10 inches, and his weight is 104 kg. In the field of basketball, his playing position was the Center. Playing in this position, he gained fame in the CBA. He did not have any definite jerseys. His jerseys are no. 11, 52, and 50. 

He is still alive, and his age is 61 years.

The primary stage of life

Jim Lampley took the first inhale in the world on July 2, 1960, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The full name is Jimmy D. Lampley.

In his school life, he went to the Passaic County Technical Institute in Wayne, New Jersey. The college career of Jim Lampley began with Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. During his study at this university, he played for the Vanderbilt Commodores men’s basketball team. The duration of this college time was from 1978 to 1980.

Full Name: Jimmy D. Lampley
Profession: Former NBA Player
Birth: July 2, 1960, in Pennsylvania, USA
College Education: Vanderbilt University, University of Arkansas
Debut Team: Dallas Mavericks
Nationality: American
Achievements: All-CBA First Team, CBA All-Star, TAAC Newcomer of the Year, and more
Height: 6 ft 10 inches
Weight: 104 kg
Current Age: 61 years

Later, he went to the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, Arkansas. During his study at this university, he represented the Little Rock Trojans men’s basketball team. He played in this college from 1981 to 1983. 

Professional Basketball Career

Jim Lampley total worthHe started to run after the ball in the field of professional basketball in 1982, and he got out of the field in 1992. During his ten years long professional life, he played in the NBA only for a short time. He spent most of the time of his career with the CBA

In 1983, he was chosen by the Dallas Mavericks in 102nd overall for Round 5. Mark Aguirre and Derek Harper were also on that team. But Lampley never played with this team. In his life, he also signed with the other two teams but did not play with them. Those teams are the Washington Bullets and the Milwaukee Bucks. He engaged his life in the field of the CBA.

He wore the jersey of the Detroit Spirits, Baltimore/Rockford Lightning, Philadelphia 76ers, Rockford Lightning, Sioux Falls Skyforce, Quad City Thunder, Tulsa Fast Breakers, Pensacola Tornados, and Columbus Horizon.

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In his short-time NBA career, he scored 3.0 points on average, 5.0 rebounds on average. In his CBA life, he played 314 games in the eight seasons with the seven teams and averaged 13.8 points and 8.9 rebounds.

NBA Career Points
Points on average:
Rebounds on average: 5.0
CBA Career Points
Total Games: 314
Points on average: 13.8
Rebounds on average: 8.9

Gaining from the Professional Basketball Career

  • In 1989, he was named to the All-CBA First Team.
  • He became the CBA All-Star two times. 
  • In 1982, he won the TAAC Newcomer of the Year. In the same year, he was named to the First-team All-TAAC. 

Jim Lampley Net Worth in 2022

The estimated net worth of this CBA popular man is $1 to $5 million. Most of the wealth of this famous person is from his professional life. 


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