What is Jay Bouwmeester’s Net Worth From Ice Hockey?

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In the history of the NHL, the professional who has the record for one of the longest iron man streaks, having played 737 consecutive regular-season games between 2004 and 2014, is Jay Bouwmeester. He is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player. From the beginning of his career, he began to fill the bag of achievements with lots of awards, titles, and recognition. Representing his Canadian national team, he helped to win lots of international events with the gold medal and brought honor to his nation. With a stunning career in the field of ice hockey, this man became a wealthy, famous, and honored player in the sphere of the NHL. Besides the NHL, he also showed his success in the AHL. In this article, all of the information regarding his glorified life, including his career background, education, and net wealth, is given below.

Jay Bouwmeester’s Family and Childhood

He was born on September 27, 1983, in Edmonton, Alberta, and blessed his parents. His full name is Jay Daniel Bouwmeester. He is the son of his father, Dan Bouwmeester, and his mother, Gena Bouwmeester. His father is a professor and a hockey coach, and his mother is a housewife. He is the younger child of his parents. Jay has an older sister named Jill Bouwmeester.

He had been a naturally talented hockey player from the early years of his life. From the beginning of his career, he had the extraordinary skill of skating. He was a standout performer in his early ice hockey career. In his minor ice hockey career, he played in the Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament with Edmonton.

Profession Hockey Player
Full Name: Jay Daniel Bouwmeester
Mother Name: Gena Bouwmeester
Father Name: Dan Bouwmeester (Hockey Coach)
Position: Defense
Wife/Girlfriend: Devon Cunningham
  • Best Defenseman
  • WC All-Star Team
  • NHL All-Star
Birth Date: September 27, 1983
Birth Place: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 6 ft. 4 inches
Weight: 97 kg
Current Age: 38 years
Jersey Number: 4, 19

In his junior career, he played with the Edmonton South Side Athletic Club. With this club, he won the Alberta midget championship in 1997–98. In the 1998 Western Hockey League (WHL) draft, the Medicine Hat Tigers selected him first overall. While playing with this team, he earned the honor of being on the WHL’s East All-Star team. His outstanding performance in his pre-professional career paved the way for him to have a professional career. In the 2002 NHL Entry Draft, the Florida Panthers selected him 3rd overall.

Height and Weight

Jay Bouwmeester stands up to 6 feet, 4 inches tall, and weighs 215 pounds. His playing position in the field of ice hockey was defense. He was demanded by his team for that position. Being in this position, he gained lots of personal success and helped his contracted team win lots of matches.

He did not wear any particular jersey. In the field of ice hockey, he was seen skating, wearing jersey numbers 4 and 19. Both are memorable to his fans. This man is still alive in the world, and he is 38 years old now.

Jay Bouwmeester’s Contract and Drafted Teams

In his seventeen-season-long NHL career, he wore the jerseys of the Florida Panthers, Calgary Flames, and St. Louis Blues. His NHL debut was with the Florida Panthers in 2002. He served on this team till 2009. From 2009 to 2013, he was with the Calgary Flames. From 2102 to 2020, he ran after the puck in the field of ice hockey for the St. Louis Blues. It was the last team of his NHL career. Besides the NHL, he played for the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL in the 2003–04 and 2004–05 seasons and for the Chicago Wolves of the AHL in 2004–05.

Jay Bouwmeester career earnings

In his NHL career, he played a total of 1240 games and scored 88 goals and 336 assists. His other career statistics are PTS 424, +/-17, PS 83.1, PIM 635, SH 1994, GWG 8, TOI 24:07, CF% 48.4, oZS% 46.0.

Representing the Canadian national team, he participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, taking the gold medal; the 2003 IIHF World Championship of Finland, taking the gold medal; the 2004 IIHF World Championship of the Czech Republic, taking the gold medal; the 2008 IIHF World Championship of Canada, winning a silver medal; the 2004 World Cup of Hockey, taking the gold medal; the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, taking the gold medal; the 2000 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships of the Czech Republic, taking the silver medal; and the 2001 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Russia, gaining the bronze medal.

Success and Recognition 

As a junior

He got the chance to play in the CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game in 2002. He earned his place on the WHL Eastern Conference First All-Star Team in 2002.

National Hockey League

He was part of the All-Rookie Team in 2002–03, along with Ilya Kovalchuk. He became an NHL All-Star in 2007-2009 two times. In 2019, he was the glorified part of a win of the Stanley Cup (St. Louis Blues).


He got the honor of being the Best Defenseman in 2003. He added his name to the WC All-Star Team in 2003.

Jay Bouwmeester’s Wife, Devon CunninghamJay Bouwmeester salary

Jay Bouwmeester chose his girlfriend, Devon Cunningham, as a sharer of his personal bed. He wed her in 2011. His wife, Devon Cunningham, is a dermatology nurse who works with Dermatology Associates in St. Louis.

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The conjugal life was blessed with three children. They are Linna Bouwmeester, who was born in 2012; the second child, Carys Bouwmeester, was born in 2015; and the third child, who was born in 2018. His name is yet to be disclosed to the media.

Jay Bouwmeester’s Net Worth in 2022

Jay Bouwmeester entered the arena of professional ice hockey in 2002 and left the arena in 2020. From the early days of his career, this man grew up showing his magical play by snatching the hearts of the ice hockey-loving people of Canada and America. His professional ice hockey career has mingled with the American Hockey League (AHL) and the National Hockey League (NHL). The net assets of this prominent American ice hockey player are $50 million. The huge earnings from his stunning ice hockey career led him to a millionaire life. Most of the earnings in his life came from ice hockey, and the rest were from his post-retirement activities.


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