Nigerian-American NBA Player Hakeem Olajuwon Net Worth 2022

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In the history of the NBA, as a non-American for the first time who was titled with the All-Star and an NBA MVP, he is Hakeem Olajuwon. He is a retired Nigerian-American professional basketball player. Hakeem enriched his career with lots of achievements and money. His enriched career made him wealthy. He was the lucky member of the gold-winning team of the USA in the 1996 Olympics. He is considered to be one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. Apart from his basketball profession, he became successful in the field of business. Both successful careers made him a famous and rich man. 

He has lots of fans in the basketball arena, and they are very much eager to know about Hakeem Olajuwon’s net worth and his personal life. So in this article, we have mentioned his early life, work history, and his total net worth. Let’s see about his glorified life. 

The Early Phase of Life

This successful basketball player came to his father’s nest in 1963 in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the son of his parents, Abike and Salim. His father was a cement businessman. The very early of his life began with soccer, and at the time of going into the Muslim Teachers College, he engaged in basketball life. 

The USA basketball life started amid playing with the University of Houston Cougars. In the university team, he placed sixth. During his college tenure, he showed his team his effortful playing with dedication. Seeing this, the university team called him “The dream.”

During college life, he gave the team support a lot. He favored his team to reach the NCAA championship two times; unfortunately for the two times, the team failed in the final. However, as individual performance, he won the NCAA Tournament Player of the Year award in 1983. 

Hakeem Olajuwon’s Wife and Kids

In 1996, he took Dalia Asafi as the partner of his life. The conjugal life of the Hakeem and the Dalia Asafi gave them four children. They are Daughters Aisha and Rahmah and sons Abdullah and Abdul. Besides this, he also has another daughter named Abisola from a relationship. 

Birth: January 21, 1963, in Nigeria
Mother: Abike Olajuwon
Father: Salim Olajuwon
College Education: University of Houston
Wife/Girlfriend: Dalia Asafi
Nationality: American
Achievements: Olympics Gold Medal, NBA Most Valuable Player Award, All-NBA Team, NBA Defensive Player of the Year, NBA All-Rookie Team, Best NBA Player ESPY, etc.
Height: 6ft 9 inches
Weight: 116 kg
Current Age: 58 years

Professional NBA Career

In his professional life, he played for the Houston Rockets, Toronto Raptors. He entered into professional life with the NBA draft. In the 1994 NBA draft, Houston Rockets were selected for playing for them in first overall. With getting the chance to play in the NBA, he made his Rookie year memorable. He showed his impressive latent in the season. Gradually his performance improved, and the team was also in the same condition. In the next season, he led his team to the Western Conference Finals, and his team won the final. Later, his team reached the NBA final with the dazzling performance of Hakeem Olajuwon.

The tenure with the Houston Rockets 1994 season was the golden time of his life. He played with Clyde Drexler in the same team. In this season, with outstanding performance, his team reached the final and won the championship after 30 years of team history. In this season, he scored 26.9 points on average.


This field-shaking player retired in 2002. After his retirement, he did not incline to the coaching profession, but he inclined to the entrepreneur. Like his professional life, he became successful in business life. 


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The pond of achievement is the brim to the success in his life. He won lots of NBA titles several times. For his affluent career, his name was included in the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History in 1996. In the NBA 75th Anniversary Team, his name was included. In 2006, the name of this successful man was inserted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

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The height of this player is 6ft 9 inches. His weight is 116 kg. This NBA star is still alive. His age is 58 years.

Hakeem Olajuwon salary Accumulation Chart

Total Net Worth in 2022: $300 Million
Earned From Basketball: $103 Million
Career’s Highest Salary: $16 Million
Total Salary From Toronto Raptors: $17 Million
Total Salary From Houston Rockets: $86 Million

Hakeem Olajuwon Net Worth

The net worth of this successful man is $300 million. Most of the assets are from his successful basketball career, and the rest are from his successful business life.


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