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It is tough to believe that you are basketball-loving but do not know Elgin Baylor. Is it not possible? No, it is not possible. Do you know this popular name? He is a former African American basketball player. His professional career is reputed for his hanging jump shots. Besides his accomplishments, he is popular as a skilled shooter, rebounder, and ideal passer. He wore jersey # 22 and stood 6.6 inches tall. Many basketball-loving people are very eager to know Elgin Baylor’s current worth. So, in this article, we discussed the early life, career, family, and net worth of this popular basketball player.

Achievement List At a Glance

  1. NBA Rookie of the Year (1958-59)
  2. 11-time NBA All-Star (1959-65, 1967-70)
  3. NBA All-Star Game MVP (1959)
  4. 10-time All-NBA First Team (1959-65, 1967-69)
  5. NBA 50th Anniversary All-Time Team (1996)
  6. No. 22 jersey retired by Los Angeles Lakers
  7. Inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (1977)

Elgin Baylor’s Net Worth in 2024

Elgin Baylor is one of the stars in the basket arena. He was named to the NBA All-Star team 11 times. The life of Elgin Baylor was not smooth like other NBA professionals. His life was filled with ups and downs. At the age of 86, he inhaled the last breath of his life. He died on March 22, 2021, in Los Angeles, California. Elgin Baylor’s total worth is around $60 million. All of the wealth is from his basketball career.

Total Career Earnings:$60 Million
Source of Income:NBA, Coaching, Acting, & Business
Achievements & Awards:NBA Rookie of the Year, NCAA’s Most Outstanding Player, Most Valuable Player Award, NBA Executive of the Year Award
Birth:September 16, 1934, in Washington DC, USA
Father:John Baylor
Mother:Uzziel Baylor
Wife:Ruby Saunders(Separated), Elaine Baylor
Height: 6.6 inches
Weight:102 kg
Death:March 22, 2021, in Los Angeles, California, USA

The early stage of the life

Elgin Baylor Net WorthThis prominent man came to the world on September 16, 1934, in Washington, DC. His full name is Elgin Gay Baylor. 

Like Bill Russell, he is an African-American basketball player. So, the early life of Elgin Baylor did not pass in a smooth way. The situation was not favorable for him to grow up as a professional basketball player. At an early age, the government banned the consumption of recreation facilities for African American citizens.

School Career Stats

He was a school-dropout student. During his school life, he began to show his latent faculty for the basketball game. He was a three-time All-City player in high school. He played at the school for two seasons, from 1951 to 1952. The two years were full of the potentiality of his career. During the two seasons, his scoring record was 44 points, with an average of 18.5 and 27.6 points per season.

In the next season, he dropped out as he was not a good student. He entered into the work-life at a furniture shop. But he did not stop playing basketball. After dropping out of school, he could only compete with the black school teams.

As the first African-American, he played as a senior the next year. In 1954, he won the SSA’s Living Stone Trophy. In the same year, in another match against the old Phelps team, he scored 63 points, which is remarkable in the DC area.

Professional life

In his professional career, Elgin Baylor played for 14 years with several teams. He was lucky to play in eight NBA finals with those teams. At that time, the full-fledged faculty of Elgin Baylor was exposed. He became popular for his high-scoring style.

In the first phase of the career

Elgin Baylor was a man who preferred playing basketball to studying. He was never separated from basketball in his life. In his Seattle University career, he showed his performance. In the first season, he was able to attain an average of 29.7 points and 20.3 rebounds per game. His average score was 32.5 points per game in the next season. That outstanding performance led him to the NCAA championship game.

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The Minneapolis Lakers chose him as the No. 1 pick in the 1958 NBA Draft. He began to shine after taking his first steps in the NBA. The average score was 31.3 per game for three consecutive seasons, and the average rebound was 19.5 per game. From 1956 to 1957, he led the NCAA.

After leaving Seattle University, he joined NBC Art. He came to the Lakers as a blessing. Before his arrival, the condition of the likers was dying. But he changed the situation with his skill and outstanding performance. If only for him, the club would not go bankrupt.

In the mid of the career

In each of the 1960-61 and 1962-63 seasons, he set a record. With an average of 34.8, 38.3, and 34.0 points, he scored 71 points and grabbed 25 rebounds. Through his successful captaincy and outstanding performances, Elgin Baylor led the Lakers to the NBA finals seven times.

Retirement From Basketball

In 1965, he was injured, and the speed of his play slowed down. In 1970-1971, he played only two games. Next year, he went into retirement as his knee problem had not been resolved.

Elgin Baylor’s Source Of Income Details

NBA SalaryElgin Baylor earned a salary as a player for the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers from 1958 to 1971.
Coaching and Executive RolesBaylor served as a coach and general manager for various NBA teams, earning income from these positions.
EndorsementsAs a high-profile athlete, Baylor secured endorsement deals with various companies throughout his career.
AutobiographyBaylor’s 2018 autobiography, “Hang Time: My Life in Basketball,” generated income from book sales.
Personal Appearances & EventsElgin Baylor was paid for public appearances and speaking engagements at sports events and conferences.

Elgin Baylor’s Wife, Children, and Family

Elgin Baylor Wife

He was indebted to his two brothers, Sal and Kermit. They were the inspiration for his professional basketball life. They encouraged him to have a basketball-based career. He fulfilled the dreams of his two brothers.

In 1958, he took Ruby Saunders as his life partner. However, the conjugal life could not last until his death. They were separated in 1974. Then he married Elaine Baylor.


The bowl of achievement of Elgin Baylor is full of recognition and honors. He was the No. 1 draft pick in 1958. At the beginning of his career, he was named NBA Rookie of the Year in 1959. He was an NBA All-Star eleven times and was a member of the All-NBA first team ten times.

Estimated Salary Table for Elgin Baylor

SeasonTeamEstimated Salary ($)
1958-1959Minneapolis Lakers20,000
1959-1960Minneapolis Lakers24,000
1960-1961Los Angeles Lakers25,000
1961-1962Los Angeles Lakers30,000
1962-1963Los Angeles Lakers35,000
1963-1964Los Angeles Lakers40,000
1964-1965Los Angeles Lakers45,000
1965-1966Los Angeles Lakers50,000
1966-1967Los Angeles Lakers55,000
1967-1968Los Angeles Lakers60,000
1968-1969Los Angeles Lakers70,000
1969-1970Los Angeles Lakers75,000
1970-1971Los Angeles Lakers80,000
1971-1972Los Angeles Lakers85,000

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