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Yao Ming is a Chinese national who played basketball in the United States and led the Olympic Games in 2000, making his name memorable to all. His extraordinary career in the field of basketball raised him to an uplifting position with fame, wealth, and lots of fans. However, the fans are still curious about him, and in this article, we tried to show all of his life events, including his career history, personal life, and net worth.

Yao Ming Net Worth- $160 Million

Yao Ming’s professional life began with Chinese basketball, and he entered American basketball in 2002. During his Chinese and American professional basketball careers, he played for the Shanghai Sharks and Houston Rockets. The net worth of this prominent basketball player is $160 million, and he earns a $15–$17 million salary per year.

Yao Ming Salary Details:

SeasonsTeamTotal Earnings
2002-2003Houston Rockets$3.8 Million
2003-2004Houston Rockets$4.1 Million
2004-2005Houston Rockets$4.4 Million
2005-2006Houston Rockets$5.5 Million
2006-2007Houston Rockets$12.4 Million
2007-2008Houston Rockets$13.7 Million
2008-2009Houston Rockets$15 Million
2009-2010Houston Rockets$16.3 Million
2010-2011Houston Rockets$17.6 Million

Height and Age

Yao Ming career earnings

Yao Ming is tall, up to 7 ft. 6 inches. His weight is 141 kg. The man’s playing position in the field of basketball was “center.” He played in this position in both Chinese and American basketball. He usually wore jersey number 11. He is now 41 years old.

Full Biography Chart:

Full Name:Ming Yao
Birth:September 12, 1980, in China
Mother:Fang Fendi
Father:Yao Zhiyuan
Profession:Former Basketball Player
Nationality: Chinese
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Body type: Athletic
Vertical Jump: 43 inches
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Total Career Earnings:$160 million
Average Annual Salary:$15 million
Wife/Girlfriend:Ye Li
NBA Debut Team: Houston Rockets
Achievements:NBA All-Star, All-NBA Second Team, NBA All-Rookie First Team, CBA Champion, and more
Height:7 ft. 6 inches
Weight:141 kg
Jersey Number:11
Current Age:41 Years

Birth Place

Yao Ming came to the world on September 12, 1980, in Shanghai, China. He was born into an athletic family.


He is the son of his father, Yao Zhiyuan, and his mother, Fang Fendi. His father and mother were both professional basketball players. They are the basis and inspiration of his basketball life. At the age of nine, he became connected with basketball life. In his junior season, he played for the Shanghai Sharks team at the age of 13 and led the team to the finals in the third and fourth seasons. In the fifth season, he helped to win the CBA championship.


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Wife and Daughter

In 2007, Yao Ming took his girlfriend, Ye Li, as his partner in his conjugal life. Ye Li is also a basketball player; she played for the Chinese women’s national basketball team at the 2004 Summer Olympics. They have a daughter, Yao Qinlei, who was born in 2010.

First Drafted

Yao Ming salaryYao was first drafted in 2002. He was taken by the Houston Rockets in the NBA draft, first overall in the first round. He was selected first overall as an international player who had not played American basketball earlier.

Basketball Contract History

He spent his entire NBA career with the Houston Rockets (until 2011). Famous NBA player Eddie Griffin was his teammate.

He also got the chance to play in the 2000 Summer Olympics as a part of his Chinese national team. In the FIBA Asia Cup gold tournament, he made his national team glorious, winning the gold medal in 2001, 2003, and 2005.

Career Stats

In his 9-year-long NBA career, he scored points at 9,247 on average, rebounds at 4,494 on average, blocks at 920 (on average 1.9 mpg), and assists at 1.6.

Achievements and Awards

Achievements in the field of the American basketball

  • NBA All-Star  8 Times
  • All-NBA Third Team 3 Times
  • All-NBA Second Team 2 Times
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team

Achievement in the field of the Chinese basketball

  • CBA MVP & Champion
  • CBA rebounding leader 3 Times
  • 3 Times FIBA Asia Cup MVP
  • CBA Slam Dunk leader 2 Times

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