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One of the glowing stars in the sky of the NBA is Ty Lawson. He is an American professional basketball player. This man is recognized as one of the most successful players in American basketball. In the early stages of his career, he began to show his talent in the field of American basketball. His career is awash with awards, records, and titles. Through the fortune of his glorious career, he became a successful, honored, and rich man. His average annual salary is $4.8 million. But let’s find out Ty Lawson’s total worth now.

Beginning Period of life 

Ty Lawson blessed his parents by entering the world on November 3, 1987, in Clinton, Maryland. The full name of this man is Tywon Ronell Lawson. He is the son of his father, George Lawson, and his mother, Jacqueline Lawson.

Profession:Basketball Player
Full Name: Tywon Ronell Lawson
Father Name:George Lawson
Mother Name:Jacqueline Lawson
Position:Point guard
Birth Date:November 3, 1987, United States
College Education:University of North Carolina
  • ACC Player of the Yea
  • ACC All-Freshman team
  • McDonald’s All-American
Girlfriend/Wife:Ashley Pettiford
Height:5 feet, 11 inches
Weight:88 Kg
Jersey Number:3, 4, 10.

In his early life, he went to the Gwynn Park Middle School in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and later to the Newport School in Kensington, Maryland. From 2003 to 2004, he spent time at Bishop McNamara High School (BMHS or McNamara) in Forestville, Maryland. Later, he finished his graduation at Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia. Here, he made his name on the first-team USA Today and Parade All-Americans. As a senior at this school, he averaged 23.8 points, 9.1 assists, and five steals.

College Career Stats

In his college life, he went to the University of North Carolina (UNC) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He was a member of the North Carolina Tar Heels men’s basketball team during his time at this college. The duration of his college career was from 2006 to 2009. As a freshman at the college, he averaged 12.7 points and 5.3 assists per game. In his junior year of college, he was named the ACC Player of the Year. He also earned his place as the consensus second-team all-American. He also won the Bob Cousy Award. He led the team to a national title and set a record with eight steals in the 2009 NCAA championship game.

Ty Lawson’s contract and drafted teams

The professional career of this man is an amalgamation of the Lithuanian Basketball League, Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), and Greek League. In his professional life, he wore the jerseys of the 2009–2015 Denver Nuggets, Algiris Kaunas, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, Shandong Golden Stars, Washington Wizards, Fujian Sturgeons, and Kolossos Rodou.

In the 2009 NBA draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves took him 18th overall in the 1st round. Though he was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves, he began his professional life with the Denver Nuggets. He stayed with this team until 2015. In 2011, he played for the Lithuanian basketball team, Algiris Kaunas. He spent the 2015–2016 season with the Houston Rockets. As a player for the Indiana Pacers, he played in 2016. Under his contract with the Sacramento Kings, he played in the 2016–2017 season.

What happened to Ty Lawson?

After moving to China, he signed a contract with the Chinese basketball team Shandong Golden Stars, with whom he spent the 2017–2019 seasons; he ran after the ball on the field of basketball with the Washington Wizards. With the Chinese team, Fujian Sturgeons spent time in the 2019–2020 seasons. In 2021, he was with the Greek basketball team Kolossos Rodou.

In his personal life, he was arrested many times for several issues, including careless driving, domestic violence, and alcohol.

Records and Recognition

He earned his place on the consensus second-team All-Americans in 2009. In 2009, he won the Bob Cousy Award. In 2009, he was the ACC Player of the Year. In 2009, he was named first-team All-ACC. He made his way to the ACC All-Freshman team in 2007. To show honor to him, jersey number 5 is honored by the North Carolina Tar Heels. He made his way to the McDonald’s All-American in 2006. He was part of the first-team Parade All-American in 2006.Ty Lawson Achievement

In the sphere of the NBA, he participated in 551 games. The career statistics of this man are PTS 12.7, TRB 2.7, AST 6.0, FG% 46.0, FG3% 35.9, FT% 77.0, eFG% 50.4, PER 17.2, WS 42.1


Ty Lawson is not a married man in his personal life. He was the boyfriend of Ashley Pettiford. He also had a relationship with Natalie Nunn from 2009–to 2010. His girlfriend is an American reality TV professional.

Height and Weight

Ty Lawson’s height is 5 feet, 11 inches, and his weight is 194 lb. The age of this reputed professional is 34 years old now. Basketball fans have seen him wear jersey numbers 3, 10, and 4 from the beginning of his career. The commentators mention his jersey number; the audience can notice that the ball is under him. They will miss those numbers on the jersey.

This renowned professional has spread the light of his magic in the field of basketball by playing in the point guard position. The teams of contractors regarded him as the perfect man for this position. Besides favoring his teams, he also made his career weighty in this position. Until taking retirement, he was in this position. The shooting style of this man is right.

Ty Lawson Salary Chart:

Net Salary Earned From NBA Career:$43 Million
Average Annual Salary: $4.7 million
Highest Paid Season 2015-16:$12 million
Debut Season Salary:$1.4 million
Total Salary Earned From Denver Nuggets:$29 million

Ty Lawson’s Net Worth as of 2023

Ty Lawson Total Worth

He began his professional life in 2009, and he is still pursuing his career in the sphere of the NBA. The NBA career statistics of this man are among this team on October 28, 2009. Ty Lawson has gained lots of success in his life. Notably, he was a glorified part of the NCAA championship in 2009. The net valuables of this wealthy retired professional player are $13 million. The success of his illustrious basketball career pushed him to earn a lot of money and become a millionaire. Most of the segments of the belongings of his prosperous life are from the earnings of his basketball career. In his extra activities, he also earned a lot.


How much does Ty Lawson make in a year?

265,058 USD

Where is Ty Lawson today?

Kolossos Rodou B.C

How tall is Ty Lawson?


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