How Much is Tony Parker Net Worth & Salary as of 2024?

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Originating from Belgium and growing in France, the man who spread the light of Excellency in the field of American basketball is Tony Parker. He is a retired French-American basketball player. He is the owner of the French basketball team ASVEL Basket. His career in basketball is successful with lots of records, awards, and recognition. It will make anyone tired of counting the total recognitions in his life. He is a successful man in both professional life and post-professional life. The glorious career gifted his fame, wealth, and affection to his fans. His fans are curious about his life. All of the life events of this prominent person, including his career earnings, are mentioned in this article.

“Watching tape is key. I basically watch every game. It’s the only way to break down your opponents.”

Tony Parker’s Net Worth & Salary

The net worth of this professional man is $85 million, and his salary earning is $14.4 million. His dazzling career in the field of basketball favored him to be a rich man. Most of the assets of this man are from the field of basketball.

Salary Accumulation Chart:

Total Salary Earned:$164 million
Average Yearly Salary:$8.5 million
Endorsement Earnings:$2.5 million
Highest Paid Season(2017-18):$15.4 million
Salary Earned From Charlotte Hornets:$5 million
Total Salary Earned From San Antonio Spurs:$155 million
Yearly Income Outside NBA:$0.5 million

Primary life

 tony parker net worthTony Parker came to the world on 17 May 1982 in Bruges, Belgium. The full name of Tony Parker is William Anthony Parker Jr. His father was also a basketball player, and his mother was a Dutch model. He got inspired and learned both from his father. His two siblings were also engaged in sports. 

His early education began with the National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance, Paris, France.

Tony Parker Career

He entered the room of professional basketball in 1999, and he got out of there in 2019.  During his long-term career, he played both French and American basketball. 


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In his professional career, he wore the jersey of Paris Basket Racing, San Antonio Spurs, ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne, and Charlotte Hornets. 

“Playing in the playoffs is the best basketball in the world, and if you can learn under that pressure, succeed under that pressure, it gives you more confidence the next year.”

In 2001, he was taken by the San Antonio Spurs in 28th overall for the 1st round. He spent his entire career wearing the jersey of the San Antonio Spurs. Playing with this, he honored his team. He favored his team in the winning of the NBA championship of 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2014 with his amazing performance. 

Before entering into the NBA, he played for the French team Paris Basket Racing. In the middle of the tenure of the San Antonio Spurs, he played for the ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne in 2011 in part.

Full Name:William Anthony Parker Jr.
Nicknames:Tony P, T.P., The Parisian Torpedo
Date of Birth:May 17, 1982
Birth Place:Bruges, Belgium
Father Name:Tony Parker Sr.
Mother Name:Pamela Firestone
Sibling:T.J. Parker, Pierre Parker
Body Type:Athletic
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Black
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Profession:Professional NBA Player
Position:Point Guard
NBA Draft Year:2001-San Antonio Spurs
College Education:National Institute of Sport
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Divorced
Ex-Wife: Eva Longoria, Axelle Francine
Kids/Children:Josh Parker, Liam Parker
  • Paris Basket Racing
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne
  • Charlotte Hornets
Height:6 ft 2 inch
Weight:84 kg
Current Age:40 years

Where is Tony Parker Now?

The last team of his career was the Charlotte Hornets. He signed with this for the two seasons, but he did not complete the full season. On 10 June 2019, wearing the jersey of this team he declared his retirement. Now he lives in San Antonio. Currently, he is president of the ASVEL basketball club.

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In his entire NBA career, he scored 19473 points on average, 15.5 ppg, and 3396 rebounds on average, 2.7 RPG, 7036 Assists on average 5.6 APG.

Tony Parker’s Championship & Awards

  • 4× NBA champion (2003, 2005, 2007, 2014)
  • NBA Finals MVP (2007)
  • 6× NBA All-Star (2006, 2007, 2009, 2012–2014)
  • 3× All-NBA Second Team (2012–2014)
  • All-NBA Third Team (2009)
  • 2002 NBA All-Rookie First Team (Along with Pau Gasol, Jason Richardson, Eddie Griffin, Richard Jefferson)
  • No. 9 retired by San Antonio Spurs
  • FIBA EuroBasket MVP (2013)
  • 2× FIBA Europe Player of the Year (2013, 2014)
  • 2× Euroscar Award (2007, 2013)
  • LNB All-Star (2001)
  • 2× L’Équipe Champion of Champions (2003, 2013)
  • LNB Pro A Most Improved Player (2001)
  • Pro A Best Young Player (2001)
  • As President of ASVEL:
  • 2× LNB Pro A champion (2016, 2019)
  • 2× French Cup winner (2019, 2021)
  • French Super Cup winner (2016)

tony parker salaryHeight, Jersey Number & Age

Tony Parker is tall, up to 6 ft 2 inch and his weight is 84 kg. His playing position in the field of basketball is Point guard. Playing in this position, he became famous to all, proving he was best suited to the position. 

He was seen in the field of basketball, wearing jersey number 9. That is still memorable to his fans still now. He is still alive, and his age is 40 years now. 

“Balling is balling; it is all just basketball for me and I’m used to playing both games, so it really does not matter if it is international style, American style; it does not matter at all for me.”

Tony Parker’s Children and Wife

Tony Parker took Eva Longoria as a partner of his conjugal life. Eva Longoria is an actress. He sat for marriage in 2007 for her. Their conjugal life lasted till 2011. In 2011 they took separation. In 2014, he again sat for marriage with Axelle Francine. Their conjugal life lasted till 2020. Their conjugal life was blessed with two sons. They are Josh Parker and Liam Parker.

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