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Skipping the college career of the professionals who directly entered into the NBA and showed their glowing performance Shaun Livingston is one of them. He is a retired American basketball player. He made his career successful in the field of basketball with numerous awards, results, and titles. His professional and pre-professional lives are both successful. His dazzling career in the NBA gifted him honor, wealth, and fame. Currently, he is pursuing his career as an executive of the NBA. For his attractive career, he has lots of fans in the field of basketball. They are very eager to know about his salary and career earnings. In this article, all of the life events of this man are given below, including his personal life and net worth. Let’s take a dive. 

Shaun Livingston Net Worth and Salary

The net worth of a successful basketball player is $22 million. His dazzling career in the field of basketball favored him to be a rich man. Most of the wealth of this man is from the earning of the field of basketball. Shaun Livingston’s annual salary is approx. $3-$5 million.

Total Salary Earned From NBA Career:$60 Million
Average Annual Salary: $3.3 million
Highest Paid Season 2018-19:$8.3 million
Debut Season 2004-05 Salary:$3 million
Total Salary Earned From Golden State Warriors:$34.6 million
Salary Earned From Los Angeles Clippers:$14 million

Shaun Livingston Parents & College Education

Shaun Livingston came to the world on September 11, 1985, in Peoria, Illinois. The full name is Shaun Patrick Livingston. His mother’s name was Ann Wyman and his father was Reggie Livingston. They lived in Peoria, the largest city on the Illinois River.


Shaun Patrick Livingston

Profession:Basketball Player
Nick Name:S. Dot
Birth Date:September 11, 1985
Birth Place:Peoria, Illinois, United States
Mother Name:Ann Wyman
Father Name:Reggie Livingston
Current Annual Salary:$6.6 million
High-School:Peoria High School
Position:Shooting guard
College Education:Skip College Education
Wife/Girlfriend:Joanna Williams
  • Tyler Marie Livingston
  • Jonah Jazmine Livingston
  • 3x NBA championship
  • First-team Parade All-American
  • McDonald’s All-American
  • Illinois Mr. Basketball
Height:6 ft. 7 inches
Weight:87 kg
Current Age:37 years

Did Shaun Livingston go to college?

His basketball career started from his school life. In his school life, he first went to the Richwoods High School and studied for two years. Later, he went to the Peoria High School in Peoria, Illinois. Here he played basketball and showed his potentiality. But he skip his college education and involved himself in professional basketball.

In this tenure, he was titled with the two Class AA state titles in 2003 and 2004. He was named co-MVP of the 2004 McDonald’s High School All-American game.

Shaun Livingston’s Teams

He kept his first step in the sphere of professional basketball in 2004, and it continued till 2019. In his 14 years NBA career, he played for the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Tulsa 66ers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington Wizards, Charlotte Bobcats, Milwaukee Bucks, Washington Wizards, Cleveland Cavaliers, Brooklyn Nets, Golden State Warriors. 

In 2004, he was selected by the Los Angeles Clippers to the NBA draft in 4th overall for the 1st round. He spent time with this team till 2008. Later, he signed the contract with the Miami Heat and played for the team for one season in 2008-2009. In 2009 he partially played for the Tulsa 66ers, Oklahoma City Thunder. Next year, he signed with and partially played for the Washington Wizards. For the 2011-2012 season, he played for the Charlotte Bobcats. In the 2011-2012 seasons, he played for the Milwaukee Bucks. Next season he returned to his old team Washington Wizards, and partially paled for this team. In 2012-2013, he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He wore the jersey of the Brooklyn Nets in the 2013-2014 seasons. 

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Shaun Livingston total worthThe golden period of his career was in the last phase of his career with the Golden State Warriors. The last team of his career was also this team. He played for this team from 2014 to 2019. In 2015, 2017, 2018, he led his team to the winning of the NBA championship with his spectacular performance. 

In his entire NBA career, he played 833 games. He scored 5231 points on average, 6.3 ppg, 1989 rebounds on average, 2.4 RPG, 2483 Assists on average 3.0 APG. 

After his retirement, he became the director of players’ affairs and engagement of the Golden State Warriors. 

Achievements & Awards

He was the glorified part of winning the NBA championship in 2015, 2017, and 2018. In 2004, he was named to the First-team Parade All-American and McDonald’s All-American. In 2003, he became the Fourth-team Parade All-American. Chris Paul and Chris bosh won the same title in the previous year. He won the title of the Illinois Mr. Basketball-2004. 

Shaun Livingston Wife

Shaun Livingston took his long-dated girlfriend Joanna Williams as his life partner. He sat for marriage with him in 2017. Shaun Livingston and Joanna Williams have a baby named Tyler Williams.

Height, Weight & Age

Shaun Livingston salaryShaun Livingston is tall, up to 6 ft. 7 inches his weight is 87 kg. His playing position in the field of eth basketball is shooting guard. He was best suited to that position. Being in this position, he gained lots of success and awards and helped his team to the winning of lots of matches. 

He was seen in the field of basketball running after the ball wearing the jersey numbers 14, 2, 8, 9, 34. So he did not wear any definite jersey. 

He is still alive, and his weight is 37 years

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