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Patty Mills, better known as ‘Patty Cakes’ and ‘Pat Stacks,‘ is a basketball player in the United States. He is a professional basketball player from the United States. This man is regarded as one of the NBA’s most successful players. He is promoting the beauty of play in the world of basketball with his incredible performance. patty has built a name for himself among basketball fans by amusing them. He has a large following of followers that are interested in learning more about Patty Mills worth. All of the details about his illustrious life, including his professional history, schooling, and net worth, are provided on this page. Let’s go for a swim.

Patty Mills Net Worth and Salary Details

Patty Mills Total Worth

This man started to run in the field of basketball in 2009, and he is still pursuing his career in the sphere of the NBA. He got the chance to represent his national team in many international basketball events and brought honor to the nation. In 2020, he appeared in the 2020 Summer Olympics as a player for the Australian national team and won a bronze medal. The net valuables of this wealthy retired professional player are $8 million. His yearly earnings are $4 million. The success of his illustrious basketball career pushed him to earn a lot of money and become a millionaire. Most of the segments of the belongings of his prosperous life are from the earnings of his basketball career. In his post-retirement life, he also earned a lot.

Total Salary Earned From NBA Career:$74.7 Million
Average Annual Salary: $5.3 million
Highest Paid Season 2020-21:$13.5 million
Debut Season 2009-10 Salary:$0.45 million
Total Salary Earned From San Antonio Spurs:$60 million
Salary Earned From Brooklyn Nets:$12.3 million

Patty Mills Family and Childhood

Patty Mills was born on August 11, 1988, in Canberra, Australia. The full name of this man is Patrick Sammy Mills. He is the son of his Torres Strait Islander father, Benny Mills, and his Aboriginal Australian mother, Yvonne Mills. He has a brother named Benny Mills and a sister named

Full Name:

Patrick Sammy Mills

Nick Name:Patty Mills
Father Name:Benny Mills
Mother Name:Yvonne Mills
Birth Date:August 11, 1988
Birth Place:Canberra, Australia
Ethnicity:Aboriginal Australian
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Position:Point guard
  • WCC All-Freshman Team
  • Australian national basketball team
  • FIBA Oceania Championship (Gold Medalist)
Wife/Girlfriend:Alyssa Levesque
Height:6 ft. 0 inches
Weight:81 Kg
Current Age:34 Years

In his early life, he went to the Marist College Canberra in Canberra. However, towards the end of 2004, he left to study at the Australian Institute of Sport and UC Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

College career

In his college career in basketball, he spent time with Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California. During his time at this college, he was a member of the Saint Mary’s Gaels men’s basketball team. The duration of his college career was from 2007 to 2009. After finishing his college career, he made the transition to professional basketball.

Patty Mills Contract History and Drafted Teams

The professional career of this man is an amalgamation of the National Basketball League (NBL), Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), NBA G League, and National Basketball Association (NBA). In his professional life, he wore the jerseys of the Portland Trail Blazers, Idaho Stampede, Melbourne Tigers, Xinjiang Flying Tigers, San Antonio Spurs, and Brooklyn Nets.Patty Mills Career Earnings

In the 2009 NBA draft, the Portland Trail Blazers took him 55th overall in the 2nd round. On January 4, 2010, he made his NBA debut with this team. He played for this team from the 2009 to 2011 seasons. During the 2009–2010 NBA G League season, he was a member of the Idaho Stampede. In 2011, he was a member of the Melbourne Tigers of the National Basketball League. Under his contract with the CBA team Xinjiang Flying Tigers, he played in the 2011–2012 season. He wore the jersey of the San Antonio Spurs for a long time, from 2012 to 2021. From 2021 to the present, he has been running after the ball in the field of the NBA with the Brooklyn Nets.

In the arena of the NBA, he appeared in 820 games. This man’s career stats are as follows: PTS 9.2, TRB 1.7, AST 2.3, FG% 42.6, FG3% 38.9, FT% 85.5, eFG% 54.1, PER 13.6, WS 35.3.

Success and Recognition

Patty Mills decorated his table with career awards, titles, recognition, records, and so many successes. He was a celebrated part of the NBA championship team in 2014. He won the NBA Sportsmanship Award in 2022. In 2021, he became the first Don Award winner. He was the Gaze Medalist in 2008 and 2010 and won the prize twice. He became first-team All-WCC in 2008 and 2009, winning two times. In 2008, he was the WCC Newcomer of the Year. He earned a place on the WCC All-Freshman Team in 2008. To show their honor, jersey number 13 was retired by Saint Mary’s Gaels.

As a member of the Australian national basketball team, he took part in the 2007 FIBA Oceania Championship and won the gold medal. In 2013, representing the Australian national team, he played in the FIBA Oceania Championship and won the gold medal for his team. He won a gold medal for his national team in the 2013 FIBA Oceania Championship. Wearing the jersey of his national team, he ran after the ball in the field of basketball in the 2015 FIBA Oceania Championship and won the gold medal.

Patty Mills Wife

In her personal life, Patty Mills is married. He chose Alyssa Levesque as a sharer of his personal bed. He wed her in July 2019 in Oahu, Hawaii. His wife is an Instagram star and entrepreneur. The couple first met at St. Mary’s College in California, where they both studied. The couple is currently living in San Antonio, Texas, in their 4,200 sq ft home.

Height and Weight

Patty Mills stands up to 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. The age of this reputed professional is 34 years old now. In the field of basketball, his fans saw him skating wearing jersey number 8. Number 8 was a brand number in his career. It was used as his alternative name. His fans could easily trace him in the field of basketball with that number. They still miss this jersey and wish to see him again in the field of basketball.

Basketball field position

This reputed professional spread the blaze of his magic in the field of basketball, playing in the point guard position. The teams of contractors regarded him as the perfect man for this position. Besides favoring his teams, he also made his career weighty in this position. Until taking retirement, he was in this position. The shooting style of this man is right.

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