What is Kiki Vandeweghe’s Net Worth From His NBA Career?

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Who is Kiki Vandeweghe?

The man who was born in Germany and spread the light of his talent throughout American basketball is Kiki Vandeweghe. He is a retired American basketball player. The basketball career of Vandeweghe is full of success and recognition. His successful career gave him a lot of fans. The fans still miss him in the NBA. So, this is the article for those who are eager to know about the life and net worth of Kiki Vandeweghe.

Current Net Worth$4.2 million

Who is Kiki Vandeweghe’s Father?

Kiki emerged into the world on August 1, 1958, in Wiesbaden, Germany. He is the son of his father, Ernie Vandeweghe, and his mother, Colleen Kay Hutchins. His father was also an NBA player, and his mother was the winner of the Miss USA pageant. His father’s profession influenced his life and encouraged him to do better in his career. Is Coco Vandeweghe related to Kiki Vandeweghe? Yes, they are relatives. Coco is the daughter of Tauna Vandeweghe. Tauna is Kiki’s sister. So Kiki is Coco’s uncle.

Is Kiki Vandeweghe married?

In the personal life of Kiki, he has a wife named Peggy. In their family, they have a son named Ernest Maurice Vandeweghe IV, who was born in 2002.

What high school did Kiki go to?

The educational life of Kiki Vandeweghe began with the Palisades Charter High School. Here he studied and played for a certain period. During his school life, he started playing basketball and began to improve his skills.

The pre-professional life of Kiki Vandeweghe was glorious. He was a UCLA star. During the tenure of his college life, he led his team to the NCAA championship and sent a message about his potential. That amazing success paved the way for his professional career. In his college life, he played from 1976 to 1980.

What NBA teams did Kiki Vandeweghe play for?

Kiki Vandeweghe salary

He spent 13 seasons in the NBA. In his NBA career, he played for several teams. He played for-

  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • New York Knicks

NBA contract details that made Kiki Vandeweghe wealthy:

He started playing professional basketball in 1980 and continued till 1993. Then he retired. In the 1980 NBA draft, he was chosen by the Dallas Mavericks at number 11 in round 1.

He played for the Denver Nuggets from 1980 to 1983 and for the Portland Trail Blazers from 1984 to 1988. Later, he moved to the New York Knicks, where he stayed from 1988 to 1991. Then he played for the Los Angeles Clippers for one season in 1992.

What is Kiki Vandeweghe doing now?

He retired in 1993. After cutting off the relationship with the NBA, he became inclined to coaching and spent his post-career time as a coach for several NBA teams. In his total career, he scored a record of 15,980 (19.7 ppg) points, 2,785 (3.4 RPG) rebounds, and 1,668 (2.1 APG) assists.

How Much is Kiki Vandeweghe’s Net Worth in 2022?

Besides his successful career in the NBA, he also succeeded in the profession of acting. He is now pursuing his post-basketball life with an acting career. The net worth of this rich man is $4180000 million. His dazzling career made him a millionaire. However, his current earnings are also contributory to his wealth.

Total Net Worth in 2022: $4.2 Million
Total Salary Earned: $2.34 Million
Salary From Los Angeles Clippers: $300,000
Salary From New York Knicks: $2.04 Million
Source of Income: NBA, Media, Business, Basketball Coaching

What are his NBA achievements?

During his NBA career, he was named an NBA All-Star twice, in 1983 and 1984. He was named to the first-team list of all-Pacific-12 Conference men’s basketball teams and the second-team All-Pac-10.

How Tall is Kiki Vandeweghe?

Kiki Vandeweghe total worth

The height of Kiki Vandeweghe is 2.03 m. His weight is 100 kg. In the NBA, Kiki Vandeweghe played the position of small forward. Staying in this position, he gained success and proved himself perfect for his position.

How Old is Kiki Now?

Wearing jersey number 55, he played for all the NBA teams. At the time of his professional life, his 55 jerseys were the most popular jerseys. He is still alive, and he is 63 years old.

Full Wiki Bio:

Birth: August 1, 1958, in Wiesbaden, Germany
Mother: Colleen Kay Hutchins
Father: Ernie Vandeweghe
Wife/Girlfriend: Peggy
NBA Achievements:
  • 2x NBA All-Star
  • First-team List of All-Pacific-12
  • Second-team All-Pac-10
Height: 2.03 m
Jersey Number: 55
Weight: 100 kg
Current Age: 63 years

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