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One of the mentionable names in American basketball is Keyon Dooling. He is a former American professional basketball player and is currently the coach of the Utah Jazz. This man is regarded as one of the most successful players in American basketball. From the beginning of his basketball career, he ran in the field of basketball, spreading fame. He filled the bag of achievements with awards, titles, and recognition. With his magical play, he entertained the people. His glorious career led him to a position of honor, wealth, and fame. This impressive career generated lots of fans for this man. They have an interest in knowing about Keyon Dooling’s total worth and annual salary. In this article, the life history of this man, including his personal life and net worth, is discussed. Let’s give it a look.

Keyon Dooling’s Family and Childhood

On May 8, 1980, Keyon Dooling took the first step into the world on May 8 Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The full name of this man is Keyon Latwae Dooling. He is the son of his father, Leroy Dooling. Keyon has a brother named Eric Dooling.

Profession:Baseball Player
Full Name:Keyon Latwae Dooling
Brother Name:Eric Dooling
Father Name:Leroy Dooling
Position:Point guard and Shooting guard
College Education:University of Missouri
Wife/Girlfriend:Natosha Dooling
Birth Date:May 8, 1980
Birthplace:Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Height:6 feet 3 inches
Weight:88 kg
Current Age:41 years.

He finished his high school life at Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At the college stage of his career, he went to the University of Missouri (MU) in Columbia, Missouri. He was a member of the Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team at the time of his study at this college. The duration of his college career was from 1998 to 2000. After the successful completion of his college career, he moved on to the professional life of basketball.

Contract History and Drafted Teams

In his 13-year professional career, he wore the jerseys of the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, New Jersey Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, Memphis Grizzlies, and Reno Bighorns.


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In the 2000 NBA draft, the Orlando Magic took him 10th overall in the 1st round. Despite being drafted by the Orlando Magic, he joined the Los Angeles Clippers in a trade. He played for the Miami Heat in the 2004–2005 seasons. From 2005 to 2008, he was a player for the Orlando Magic. He joined the New Jersey Nets in 2018 and remained with the team until 2010. He played the 2010–2011 seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks. As a player for the Boston Celtics, he passed the 2011–2012 seasons with this kind of steam. In 2013, he served his time as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. He also moved to the NBA G League this year. Here he played for the Reno Bighorns. After 2013, he did not play for any NBA teams.

He also got the chance to represent his national team. In 1998, he represented the USA national basketball team in the FIBA Americas Under-18 Championship and won the gold medal for his team. Later, in 1999, he played for the USA national basketball team in the FIBA Under-19 Basketball World Cup. As a player on this team, he won the silver medal.

Achievements and Awards

Keyon Dooling emblazoned his success on every step of his illustrious career; he was part of the third-team Parade All-American in 1998. In the arena of the NBA, he took part in a total of 728 games. The career statistics for this are PTS 7.0, TRB 1.3, AST 2.2, FG% 41.6, FG3% 34.9, FT% 79.9, eFG% 46.7, PER 11.5, WS 18.5.Keyon Dooling's Achivements

Keyon Dooling’s Wife and Kids

Keyon Dooling is a married man in his personal life. He is the husband of Natosha Dooling. His wife, Natosha Dooling, is co-founder of the Respect Foundation,, and her first publication, My Eyes, and My Hair. He is the father of four children. They are Keyon Dooling Jr., Gabrielle Dooling, Deneal Dooling, and Jordan Dooling.

What position did he play?

From the start of his professional career to the end, he chased the ball on the basketball court, playing in the point guard and shooting guard positions. He was comfortable in all of the positions. Depending on the situation of the game and on the suggestion of the coach, he chose the positions for the play. Playing in these positions, he turned out to be an asset to his team. With his satisfactory performance, he proved there was no alternative to him. Running in these positions, he helped his team to gain success against the opponent, and he personally benefited. The shooting style of this man is right.

Height and weight

Keyon Dooling stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 195 pounds. The age of this reputed professional is 41 years old now. He spared the light of his Excellency in the field of basketball, wearing the jerseys of the 1, 5, 55, and 51. He did not wear any specific jerseys. All of the jerseys he wore in his career for several teams are still memorable to his fans and the basketball-loving people of America. These numbers were the sign of this man.

Keyon Dooling’s Net Worth Right Now

Keyon Dooling Total WorthThe debut of his professional career was in 2000 and lasted till 2013. His professional career in basketball mingles with the NBA and NBA G League. After his retirement from professional sports, he pursued a career as a coach. On September 25, 2020, he joined the Utah Jazz as a player development coach in the NBA. His average annual salary was around $1.5 million. The total net worth of this famous basketball player is $5 million. His dazzling basketball career in field basketball made him a wealthy man. Most of the remaining portions of his wealth are from the earnings of his career. The rest of the wealth is from the earnings of his post-retirement life.

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