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Who is Karon Riley?

Karon Riley is a retired American football player who has played in the NFL, CFL, and AFL. He showed his charismatic talent from the beginning of his career and brought lots of victories for his teams. His football contracts helped him become a rich, respected, and famous player. Currently, he works as an actor and producer. He has many fans who are curious about Karon Riley’s worth.

Karon Riley Net Worth- $2 Million

The net worth of Karon Riley is $2 million. His professional football career began in 2001 and ended in 2008. His glorious football career helped him to earn a lot of money and become a millionaire. Most of the wealth he gained was from the earnings of his football career. In his post-retirement life, he also earned a lot.

Karon Riley- Complete Biography Chart

Profession:Former Football Player
Full Name:Karon Joseph Riley
Drafted Teams:Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Toronto Argonauts, Washington Redskins, and Las Vegas.
Position:Defensive end, Linebacker, and Lineman
Achievement:Big Ten Co-Defensive Lineman of the Year
College Education:Southern Methodist University
Wife/Girlfriend:Terri J. Vaughn
Birth Date:August 23, 1978
Birthplace:Detroit, Michigan, USA
Height:Six ft. 2 inches
Weight:120 kg
Current Age:43 years
Jersey Number:51, 91, 92, 95.

Karon Riley Total Worth

Birth Place

Karon Riley was born on August 23, 1978, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. His full name is Karon Joseph Riley. From the early years of his life, he played football, basketball, and track.

School and College Education

He spent his early football career playing for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Detroit, Michigan. In his school life, he got the honor of being an All-City choice, an All-Metro choice, and an All-State choice.

He got his college education from two universities. At first, he went to Southern Methodist University (SMU) in University Park, Texas. At the time of his studies at this college, he played for the SMU Mustangs football program. Later, he was admitted to the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. At the time of his studies at this college, he represented the Minnesota Golden Gophers team.

Contract With NFL Teams

Riley played in the National Football League (NFL), the Canadian Football League (CFL), and the Arena Football League (AFL). During his NFL career, he represented the Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Toronto Argonauts, Washington Redskins, and Las Vegas/Cleveland Gladiators.

In the 2001 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears took him 103rd overall in the 4th round. He played for this team for one year. From 2002 to 2004, he spent time with the Atlanta Falcons. In 2005, he moved to the Canadian football team. This year he wore the jersey of the Toronto Argonauts, and in 2006 he played for the Washington Redskins. In the last phase of his professional career, he played for the Las Vegas/Cleveland Gladiators from 2007 to 2008.

What is Karon doing now?

After 2008, he did not participate in professional games for NFL teams. After his retirement, he engaged himself in the acting profession. Since 2010, he has appeared in a few films and television shows. Besides his acting profession, he became a producer in the arena of the film industry.

Football Achievements Karon Riley's Achievements

He won the honor and title of Big Ten Co-Defensive Lineman of the Year in 2000. In the domain of the NFL, he participated in 25 games. Here are his career stats:

  • Tackles: 7
  • Fumble recoveries: 1

In the CFL, he played a total of 2 games.

His AFL career statistics are:

  • Tackles: 47
  • Sacks 8.5
  • Forced fumbles: 6
  • Fumble recoveries: 2

Wife and Kids

Karon Riley is married in his personal life, and he wed Terri J. Vaughn in 2008. His wife is an American actress, director, and producer. In the family of Karon Riley and Terri J. Vaughn, they have two sons. They have a daughter, Kal’El Joseph Riley, and a son, Lola Riley.

Height and Weight

Karon Riley is tall, up to 6 feet 2 inches, and his weight is 265 lbs. But what position did Karon Riley play in his career? He ran after the ball on the football field from the beginning to the end of his professional career, playing defensive end, linebacker, and lineman. He was used to playing in these three positions. With his satisfactory performance, he proved there was no alternative to him.

Age and Jersey Number

His current age is 43 years old. He wore several jerseys in his football career. He wore jersey numbers 95, 51, 92, and 91. All of the numbers are connected to his whole career memory. In the history of American football, all these numbers will tell us about him. His fans miss those jerseys.

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  1. Karon Riley, you’re new to me as an actor. I look forward watching you on the Black Hamptons TV show, every week. You’re one sexy brother on TV. I have always loved your beautiful wife, every since she starred with Steve Harvey, as Mr. Hightower. My favorite movie she starred in was “Dirty Laundry”! I love you both. Remember to always put Jesus first, in all of your decision making. My prayers will be with you and your beautiful family.


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