What is John Salmons Net Worth as of 2022?

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In the fame-house of American basketball, the professional who was able to insert their names, John Salmons, is one of them. He is a retired American professional basketball player. He is retired as one of the successful players of the NBA. From the school career of basketball, he played as an extraordinary player. In both pre-professional and professional parts of his career, he got lots of recognition and set several records showing his excellent performance in the field of basketball. The stunning career favored him to be a famous, wealthy, and honored player of the NBA. The impressive career generated lots of fans for this man. They have the interest to know about John Salmons’s net worth. In this article, the life history of this man, including his personal life and net worth, are discussed. Let’s give it a look.

Preliminary Stage of Life 

John Salmons came to the world on December 12, 1979, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His full name is John Rashall Salmons.

He spent his successful college career at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. At the time of studying in this college, he represented The Miami Hurricanes men’s basketball team. The duration of his college career was from 1998 to 2002. He made several records in his college career, including playing the 107 consecutive games for college tea that is the second-longest streak in school history, and as a first player in school history, he surpassed 1000 career points (1287), 600 rebounds (687), 400 assists (433) and 150 steals (192).

Profession Basketball Player
Name: John Rashall Salmons
Jersey Numbers: 5, 7, 15 and 25
College Education: University of Miami
Position: Shooting Guard, Small Forward, and Point Guard
  • Second-team All-Big East
  • Third-team All-Big East
Net Worth: $5 million
Birth Date: December 12, 1979
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Height: 6 ft. 7 inches
Weight: 95 kg
Current Age: 42 years

John Salmons’s Teams and Contract History

John entered the arena of professional basketball in 2002, and he left the arena in 2015. In his 13 years of a professional basketball career, he wore the jersey of the Philadelphia 76ers, Sacramento Kings, Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, Sacramento Kings, Toronto Raptors, and New Orleans Pelicans. 

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In the 2002 NBA draft, San Antonio Spurs chose him in 26th overall for the 1st round. Though he was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs, he could not play for this team. With an immediate trade deal between San Antonio Spurs and the Philadelphia 76ers, he became part of the Philadelphia 76ers. He served until 2006. From 2006 to 2009, he was with the Sacramento Kings. In the next season of 2009–2010, he played for the Chicago Bulls. Here he played with Derrick Rose. He wore the jersey of the Milwaukee Bucks in 2010–2011. For the two years from 2011–to 2013, he ran in the field of basketball for the Sacramento Kings. He represented the Toronto Raptors in the 2013–2014 season. The last team of his career was the New Orleans Pelicans. He passed the time with this in 2014–2015. 

John Salmons career earnings

Career Records

In his NBA career, he wore the boots for playing the games 895 times, and he scored 9.3 points on average, 2.9 rebounds on average, 2.4 assists on average. His other career statistics are FG% 43.1, FG3% 36.6, FT% 79.9, eFG% 48.3, PER 12.1, WS 33.9

Success and Recognition 

John Salmons enriched his career by winning a lot of awards, getting titles, achieving recognition, and so many successes in his life. He became part of the Second-team All-Big East in 2002. He inserted his name to the Third-team All-Big East in 2001

John Salmons’s Wife and Child  

John Salmons chose his long-dated girlfriend, Taniesha Salmons as a sharer of his personal bed. He wed her on September 2, 2006. The conjugal life of John Salmons and Taniesha Salmons was blessed with two children. They are a son Josiah Salmons and a daughter Saria Salmons.

Body Structure- Height and Weight

John Salmons is tall, up to 6 ft. 7 inches, and his weight is 210 lb. From the first to last of his professional career, he ran after the ball in the field of basketball, playing in the Shooting Guard, Small Forward, and Point Guard position. Playing in these positions, he turned out to be an asset to his team. With the satisfactory performance, he proved there was no alternative to him. Running in these positions, he helped his team to gain success against the opponent, and he personally benefited.

He did not wear any definite jersey. In the field of basketball, he was seen running, wearing jerseys number 7, 15, 5, and 25. Sometimes commentators called him with a jersey number instead of mentioning his name. All are memorable to his fans. This man is still alive in the world, and his age is 42 years now.

John Salmons’s Net Worth Now
John Salmons net worth

The net valuables of this wealthy retired professional player are $5 million. The success in the fields of the glorious basketball career chased him to earn lots of money and to be a millionaire. Most of the segment of the belongings of his prosperous life is from the earnings of the basketball career. In his post-retirement life, he also earned a lot. 


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