How Much is Jason Maxiell Net Worth as of 2023?

Jason Maxiell is a professional basketball player who is well-known to all as “J-Max,” “Darkness,” and “The Baby Eater.” In his career, he played in various basketball leagues in different countries. This article will tell you all about his career, contract history, family, and net earnings. So let’s have a look.

Jason Maxiell Net Worth-$8 Million

The debut of his professional career was in 2005, and he retired in 2017. The professional career of this man is an amalgamation of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), Turkish Basketball League (TBL), and National Basketball League (NBL). His net worth is $8 million. His average annual salary was $2.8 million. The success of his illustrious basketball career made him earn a lot of money and become a millionaire.

Salary Accumulation Chart:

Total Salary Earned From NBA Career:$27.6 Million
Average Annual Salary: $2.7 million
Debut Season 2005-06 Salary:$0.9 million
Highest Paid Season 2009-10, 2010-11, 2009-10:$5 million
Total Salary Earned From Detroit Pistons:$23.8 million
Salary Earned From Orlando Magic:$2.5 million

Full Biography: Birth, Family, Career, Stats, and More…

Family and childhood: Jason Maxiell was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 18, 1983. His full name is Jason Dior Maxiell. He is the son of his father, Jason Maxiell, and his mother, Patricia Maxiell. In his school life, he was a student at Newman Smith High School in Carrollton, Texas.
Jason Maxiell Total Worth

Quick Summary:

Profession:Basketball Player
Full Name:Jason Dior Maxiell
Father Name:Jason Maxiell
Mother Name:Patricia Maxiell
Position:Power forward and Center
Birth Date:February 18, 1983
Birthplace:Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Second-Team All-Conference USA
  • USA Sixth Man of the Year
  • USA All-Freshman Team
Wife/Girlfriend:Brandi Brandi Maxiell
College Education:University of Cincinnati
Height:6 ft 7 inches
Weight:118 Kg
Current Age:39 years


College Career: In his college life, he was a player at the University of Cincinnati (UC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. He played for the Cincinnati Bearcats men’s basketball program from 2001 to 2005. In his freshman year, he got the honor of being named to the Conference USA Sixth Man and All-Freshman teams. In both his senior and junior years, he earned All-Conference USA second-team honors and ended his career with 1566 points.

Contract History: In his 10-year-long career, he wore the jerseys of the Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic, Charlotte Hornets, Tianjin Ronggang, and Acbadem Üniversitesi.

Jason was first drafted on November 2, 2005. He was taken 26th overall in the 1st round by the Detroit Pistons. He stayed with this team for a long time, till 2013. In the 2013–2014 seasons, he was with the Orlando Magic. He played for the Charlotte Hornets in the 2014–2015 seasons. In 2015, he moved to Chinese basketball and played for the CBA team Tianjin Ronggang in the 2015–2016 seasons. In the next season, he got a taste of Turkish basketball and played for the Acbadem Üniversitesi in the 2016–2017 seasons. It was the last team of his career.

Recognition and Stats: He was named second-team All-Conference USA in 2004 and 2005. He became the Conference USA Sixth Man of the Year in 2002. He earned his place on the Conference USA All-Freshman Team in 2002.

In the sphere of the NBA, he took part in 618 games. This man’s career stats are as follows: PTS 5.6, TRB 4.2, AST 0.4, FG% 49.5, FG3% 0.0, FT% 56.4, eFG% 49.5, PER 13.0, and WS 20.3.For retiring as a player of his old team Detroit Pistons, he made the contract with this On August 4, 2017. 

Jason Maxiell career earnings

Wife and Son: In his personal life, Jason Maxiell is married. He is the husband of his high school sweetheart, Brandi Brandi Maxiell. They started their conjugal life in 2008.

In his personal life, he was controversial for his infidelity. He admitted to his wife, Brandi, that he had slept with 341 women while cheating on her. Their conjugal life was blessed with a son named Jason Maxiell II on November 11, 2011.

Height and Age: Jason is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 260 pounds. The current age is 39 years. Throughout his career, he wore jersey number 54.

What position did he play?

He was seen playing in the “power forward” and “center” positions for the team. He was comfortable in both of the positions. The shooting style of this man is right.


  • Are Jason Maxiell and Brandi still together?

Yes, till now, they were together.

  • What does Brandi Maxiell do for a living?

TV personality

  • Who is Brandi Maxiell’s husband?

Jason Maxiell

  • Where did Jason Maxiell go to college?

The University of Cincinnati is a public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Who did Jason Maxiell play for?

Charlotte Hornets (2014–2015), Orlando Magic (2013–2014), and Detroit Pistons (2005–2013) are some of the teams that have played in the NBA.

  • Is Jason Maxwell married?

Yes, he is a married person.

  • When was Jason Maxiell drafted?

In the NBA Draft of 2005,

  • How rich is Jason Williams?

$8 million

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