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In the sphere of American basketball, the name of the player who you cannot ignore is Etan Thomas. He is a former American professional basketball player. From the early years of his life, he began to show potential in the field of the NBA. He established the success symbol in every sphere of the NBA, including the high school, college, and professional levels. In his career, he set lots of records and gained numerous awards, titles, and recognition. Playing with his magical skills, he made his way to the heart of the basketball-loving people of America. His average yearly salary was $5.3 million. But what is Etan Thomas total worth this year? Let’s find out.

Etan Thomas Family and Early Life

On April 1, 1978, in Manhattan, New York, Etan Thomas came to the nest of his parents. The full name of this man is Dedrick Etan Thomas. He has a brother named Julian Thomas. He is an actor. Etan passed his school time at Booker T. Washington High School, a high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At the college stage of his career, he went to Syracuse University (SU) in Syracuse, New York. He was a member of the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team during his time at this college. The duration of his college career was from 1996 to 2000. He averaged 11 points and seven rebounds per game while attending this college. As a sophomore, he got the honor of being the Big East’s Most Improved Player. As a junior and senior, he got the honor of being named the Big East Defensive Player of the Year. After a successful college career, he made the transition to professional basketball.

Profession:Baseball Player
Full Name: Dedrick Etan Thomas
Brother Name:Julian Thomas (Actor)
Position:Center and Power forward
Birth Date: April 1, 1978
Birth Place:Manhattan, New York, United States
Girlfriend/Wife:Juanita Campos
College Education:Syracuse University
  • Third-team All-American
  • First-team All-Big East
  • Big East Defensive Player of the Year
  • Big East’s most improved player
Height:6 ft. 0 inches
Weight:118 kg
Current Age:44 years
Jersey Number:36.

Drafted Teams and Contract History

The beginning of his professional career was in 2000, and the end of his professional life was in 2011. During his 9-year-long professional career in basketball, he also played in the field of football for the Washington Wizards, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Atlanta Hawks.

In the NBA draft of 2000, the Dallas Mavericks took him 12th overall in the 1st round. Despite being drafted by this team, he was traded to the Washington Wizards and played for them for a long time until 2009. As a player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, he played the 2009–2010 seasons. He ran on the field of basketball as an Atlanta Hawk in the 2010–2011 seasons. After this year, he did not have a contract with any NBA team.

As a player for the NBA team, he took part in a total of 409 games. Points 2341 on average 5.7 ppg, Rebounds 1927 on average 4.7 RPG, Blocks 427 on average 1.0 BPG, AST 0.4, FG% 51.3, FT% 60.3, eFG% 51.3, PER 14.5, WS 14.9.

What position does Etan Thomas play?

The positions in which he ran after the ball in the field of basketball are position center and power forward. He was accustomed to playing in both of the positions. Depending on the situation of the game and on the suggestion of the coach, he chose the positions for the game. The team and the coach of his team can rely on him in these positions. Showing a stunning performance in these positions, he became an integral part of his team. Leading the team to lots of success, he also gained lots of recognition playing in these positions. The shooting style of this man is right.

Success and Recognition 

Etan Thomas's CareerThe bag of achievements of this man is full of awards, titles, recognition, records, and so many successes. In 2000, he was named a third-team All-American – NABC. He was part of the first-team All-Big East in 2000. Etan was named Big East Defensive Player of the Year twice, in 1999 and 2000. He became the Big East’s most improved player in 1998.

Etan Thomas’s Wife and Children

Etan Thomas is a married man in his personal life. He is the husband of his wife, Nichole Thomas. Their conjugal life was enriched with the three children. They have a son, Malcolm Thomas, and two daughters, Imani Thomas and Sierra Thomas.

Height and Weight

Etan Thomas’s height is six ft. Ten inches and his weight is 260 lb. He played in the field of basketball, wearing jersey number 36. In his entire career, he played in this jersey. In his career, it became an alternative name for him. Does not anyone recognize him with this brand number in the field of basketball? To his fans, it is still a memorable number. This man is still alive in the world, and his age is 44 now.

Etan Thomas’s Net Worth Right Now

Etan Thomas Total WorthThe net worth of this renowned basketball player is $16 million. He became a millionaire on the fortune of a successful basketball career in the field of basketball. The majority of his assets are derived from his career earnings. The rest of the wealth is from the earnings of his post-retirement life activities. Apart from his professional basketball career, he also explored his potential in various activities. He released a book called “More Than an Athlete: Poems by Etan Thomas.” He is also the co-author of the autobiography Fatherhood: Rising to the Ultimate Challenge. As a writer and podcaster, he worked for Besides these, he is also engaged in many political and social activities.

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