DeAndre Jordan Net Worth and Salary- Updated in 2022

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In the list of the famous professional players of American basketball, DeAndre Jordan is one of them. He is a successful NBA player. From the early of his life, he enriched his career with awards, titles, and recognitions. With his attractive skill, he is playing on the field of basketball with fame. With a successful career, he led his life to the uplift position with wealth, fame, and respect. His life history is still mysterious to all basketball-loving people. They want to know about DeAndre Jordan’s salary earnings. This article will tell all about this man, including his career history, family, and net earnings.

DeAndre Jordan Wife and Girlfriend

DeAndre Jordan had a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Mexican-American model Amber Alvarez, Anara Atanes. At the time of his relationship with Amber Alvarez, it was unveiled that he became the father of the son of another woman in 2015, and she is Ashley Rose White. His son’s name is Jaden. However, he is now dating Bethany Gerber. She was Miss Kansas In the year 2010. It has been said that he is engaged with this girl.

Birth: July 21, 1988, Texas
Full Name: Hyland DeAndre Jordan Jr.
Brother: Avery Jordan ( NFL Player)
College Education: Texas A&M University
Wife/Girlfriend: Bethany Gerber
Nationality: American
  • NBA All-Star
  • All-NBA First Team
  • All-NBA Third Team
Height: 6 ft. 11 inches
Weight: 120 kg
Current Age: 33 years

Early Life as a Student

DeAndre Jordan came to the world on July 21, 1988, in Houston, Texas. The full name is Hyland DeAndre Jordan Jr. His brother Avery Jordan is a professional football player. He is now a free agent.


He passed his sophomore year and junior year at the Episcopal High School in Bellaire, Texas. In his sophomore year, Jordan scored on average 15.0 points, 12.0 rebounds, and 4.0 blocks, and In the junior year, he scored on average 16.5 points, 14.0 rebounds, and 7.0 blocks. 

He passed his senior year at the Christian Life Center Academy (CLCA) in Humble, Texas, after being transferred here. In his senior year, he scored on average 26.1 points, 15.2 rebounds, and 8.1 blocks per game. In his school career, he earned the honor of the third-team Parade All-American, first-team All-Greater Houston squad, a two-time all-state selection.

College Career

He finished the college phase of basketball at Texas A&M University (Texas A&M, A&M, or TAMU) in College Station, Texas. AT the time of studying in this college, he represented The Texas A&M Aggies men’s basketball team. He played here in the 2007–2008 season. Jordan finished the season, scoring on average 7.9 points and 6.0 rebounds. He led his name to the Big 12 All-Rookie Team. 

DeAndre Jordan Contracts and NBA Teams

DeAndre Jordan career earningsDeAndre He took the first step in the field of professional basketball in 2008, and till now, he has been pursuing his career in the field of basketball. In his 13 years long career, he wore the jersey of the Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, and Los Angeles Lakers. 

In the 2008 NBA draft, Los Angeles Clippers selected him in 35th overall for the 2nd Round. He served on this team till 2018. In the 2018–2019 seasons, he played for the Dallas Mavericks. Next year he played for the New York Knicks. In 2019–2021 he wore the jersey of the Brooklyn Nets. From 2021 to the present, he has been serving the Los Angeles Lakers in the field of the NBA. 

In his running career in the NBA, he played a total of 960 games. He scored on average PTS 9.2, TRB 10.5, and AST 1.0 per game.

Awards and Recognition 

DeAndre Jordan became the NBA All-Star in 2017, along with Russell Westbrook and DeMarcus Cousins. He became part of the All-NBA First Team in 2016. He became part of the All-NBA Third Team in 2015 and 2017. In 2015, 2016 he made his position to the NBA All-Defensive First Team two times. In 2014, 2015he became the NBA rebounding leader two times. He made his place on the Big 12 All-Rookie Team in 2008. He became the Third-team Parade All-American in 2007

How tall is Deandre Jordan?- Age and Weight

DeAndre Jordan's heightDeAndre Jordan is tall, up to 6 ft. 11 inches, and his weight is 120 kg. In the field of basketball, his position is the Center. Playing in this position, he has proved that he is best-suited to that position. Being in that position, he has achieved lots of success and helped his teams in winning lots of matches.

In his basketball career, he wears several jerseys. He wears the jersey numbers 10, 6, 10. All of the numbers are connected to his whole career memory. In the history of American basketball, all these numbers will tell about him. His fans miss those jerseys. This man is still alive in the world, and his age is 33 years now.

Salary Accumulation Chart:

Total Salary Earned From: $160 Million
Average Annual Salary:  $11.5 million
Highest Paid Season 2017-18: $22.6 million
Debut Season Salary: $.55 million
Total Salary Earned From Los Angeles Clippers: $106 million
Salary Earned From Brooklyn Nets: $19.6 million

DeAndre Jordan Net Worth 2022

The net worth of this wealthy professional player is $80 million. He became a millionaire on the fortune of a glorious career in the field of basketball. Most of the segments of his assets are from the earnings of his career. The rest of the portion of the wealth is from the earnings of his extra earnings activities.


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