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Amir Johnson is the professional who shone the light of his talent in the NBA development league, NBA G League, and NBA all at the same time. He is a former American professional basketball player. This man is counted as one of the most successful players in the NBA. From the beginning of his career, he began to show his potential. In his career, he set lots of records and gained personal success, including awards, titles, and recognition. With his magical play, he entertained the basketball-loving people and made his place in their hearts. His dazzling career led him to the position of uplift, with fame, honor, and wealth. In the arena of basketball, he has lots of supporters. His average annual salary is $5.6 million. But do you want to know Amir Johnson’s total career earnings? Just read on.

Amir Johnson’s Net Worth Right Now

Amir Johnson Total WorthHe took the first step in the field of professional basketball in 2005, and he is still pursuing his career in the field of basketball. The professional career of this man is an amalgamation of the NBA Development League, NBA G League, and NBA. The estimated net valuables of this wealthy, retired professional player are $5.5 million. The success of his illustrious basketball career pushed him to earn a lot of money and become a millionaire. Most of the segments of the belongings of his prosperous life are from the earnings of his basketball career. In his extra-activities, he also earned a lot.

Total Salary Earned From NBA Career:$78.3 Million
Average Annual Salary: $5.5 million
Highest Paid Season 2015-16, 2016-17:$12 million
Debut Season 2005-06 Salary:$0.4 million
Total Salary Earned From Toronto Raptors:$32.5 million
Salary Earned From Boston Celtics:$24 million

Family and Early Life

Amir Johnson net saw the world for the first time on May 1, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. The full name of this man is Amir Jalla Johnson. He is the son of his father, Anthony Johnson, and his mother, Deneen Griffin. He has a sister named Indi Johnson.

Amir Johnson SuccessIn his school life, he went to Verbum Dei High School in Los Angeles, California, and Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets in Los Angeles, California. In his school life, as a senior in 2004–05, he was named the 2005 California Mr. Basketball and led the team to the state title. He also made his way to the McDonald’s All-American.

Profession:Basketball Player
Full Name:Amir Jalla Johnson
Mother Name:Deneen Griffin
Father Name:Anthony Johnson
Position:Power forward, Center, and Small forward
  • NBA Hustle Award
  • McDonald’s All-American
  • Second-team Parade All-American
  • California’s Mr. Basketball
High School Education:Verbum Dei High School
Girlfriend:Alana Jung
Birth Date:May 1, 1987
Birthplace:Los Angeles, California, USA
Height:6 ft. 9 inches
Weight:114 Kg
Current Age:35 Years

Amir Johnson’s Contract History

In his professional career, he wore the jerseys of the Detroit Pistons, Fayetteville Patriots, Sioux Falls Skyforce, Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Delaware Blue Coats, and NBA G League Ignite.

In the 2005 NBA draft, the Detroit Pistons selected him 56th overall in the 2nd round. On January 24, 2006, he made his NBA debut with this team. He was with this team until 2009. In the middle of his tenure with this team, he wore the jersey of the Fayetteville Patriots in 2006 and the Sioux Falls Skyforce in 2007. As a player for the Toronto Raptors, he played from 2009 to 2015. Wearing the jersey of the Boston Celtics, he spent the time from 2015 to 2017. He ran after the ball in the field of basketball with the Philadelphia 76ers from 2017 to 2019. During the 2019 NBA G League season, he was a member of the Delaware Blue Coats. From 2020 to now, he has been running in the field of basketball with the NBA G League Ignite.

Success and Records

Amir Johnson enriched his career by winning a lot of awards, getting titles, achieving recognition, and having so many successes in his life. He won the NBA Hustle Award in 2018. He earned his place in the McDonald’s All-American in 2005. In 2005, he made his way to the second-team Parade All-American. He won the honor of being California’s Mr. Basketball in 2005.

In the sphere of the NBA, he participated in 870 games. The career statistics of this man are PTS 7.0, TRB 5.4, AST 1.2, FG% 57.0, FG3% 33.2, FT% 67.3, eFG% 58.2, PER 15.8, WS 55.3

Amir Johnson’s Wife/Girlfriend

Amir Johnson is not a married person in his personal life. He was in a relationship with Daria Marie Mitchell from June 2015 to the present. She is an American model. Earlier, he had an affair with model Alana Jung, who gave birth to his daughter Amelia in September 2013.

Age, Height, and Weight

The age of this reputed professional is 34 years old now. Amir Johnson’s height is 6 feet, 9 inches, and his weight is 253 lbs. He played for the team as a power forward, center, and small forward. He is comfortable in both of the positions. Depending on the situation of the game and on the suggestion of the coach, he chooses the position for the game. Playing in these positions, he has become part and parcel of the team. Through being in these positions, he has spread the light of his skill and gained personal success. He has favored his team to victories in numerous matches because he is best suited for these positions. The shooting style of this man is right.

Jersey Number

From the beginning of his professional career, he has worn several jerseys for several teams. His worn jersey numbers are 25, 15, 90, and 5. His fans continue to wear those numbers on jerseys as a symbol of their affection. They sit in the gallery wearing those numbers of jerseys, showing their love for him and encouraging him. These will be memorable to them.


What college did Amir Johnson go to?

Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets, Verbum Dei High School, and Narbonne High School.

Who does Amir Johnson play for?

The 76ers’ Amir Johnson plays well in the starting role.

Did Amir Johnson retire?

He is still pursuing his career in the field of basketball.

Is he married?

No, he is not married yet. But he is dating Daria Marie Mitchell now.

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